10 creative ways to build your Influencer Marketing Strategy

In the world full of competition, start-ups and well established businessmen usually looking for a strategy which will enhance their position to a next level. Influence marketing is the new trend which has taken the place of gossips all over. Some go for reputed Digital Marketing company to handle their SEO and Social Media presence. Since, Digital Marketing strategy is rising above traditional advertisements, it is eventually gaining more importance. First of all let’s see what influencer marketing strategy is all about.

Social influencer marketing is a practice which includes all the tactics to enhance the position of your business over the internet. Strategists are those people who are continuously into this practice. They basically practice to bring huge traffic onto your web page from the large market running on. They tend to opt for two types of method. One is – Content marketing and the other one is Social Media Marketing. Both should go hand in hand because the balance of both will lead to a good influencer engagement strategy. Some of the influencers are expected to spread about the firm via content while others simply work on enhancing as well as boosting the page and strictly promoting it on social media platform to gather lots of traffic. Influencer engagement strategy can help you gain the right traffic and build your business to a next level. Social Media Marketing tools can also play in favour to build strong presence.


Just like you don’t trust a stranger too easily but a mutual friend instead, same goes with your brand. Influencers are those mutual friends who are ready to connect your brand to the genuine customers. Since influencers not only bring the customers to your business but also become successful in carrying the whole network along with the great social media exposure, they are very important to your brand. They let your business grow by diverting the most loyal and royal customers across the globe onto your web page. Apart from all the information stated above, influencers are chosen because –

a. Promotion of the content.
b. Management of the events.
c. Search Engine Optimization.
d. Management of the business during crisis.
e. Aiding the company at Product launch.
f. Creation of captivating content.

Let us have a look on 10 creative ways to build your influencer marketing strategy


Before you go on setting a successful influencing campaign, set up your goals, budget, target audience and form a KPI (Key performance Indicator). The KPI would consist of – views, followers, click through rates, sales and overall engagement of the followers as well as non-followers. Do not make a mistake by reaching out to everybody. Instead be clever and work systematically. Identify your audience and try to focus on them accordingly. In simple words, play smart.



Not every channel has to take with your subject. You have to be very selective in the grounds of channel. In order to obtain the genuine and correct traffic which would uplift your business, channel should be taken care of. You can also define the type of engagement people should do to get maximum stay on your page. Social media is really helpful and what really matters is the grounds on which you are promoting your business.

Social media


If you are in search of a loud influencer, then go for brand advocates. Not only the audience trusts them but also aligns to whatever they write. Since, most of the audience follows them, their active speech and debates would assure the engagement of the audience to your web page. Also you can add hash tags to your post. Hashtags would define the purpose and the requirement in brief. People will no longer have to read the long posts and leave in between. Let people know about your business in a line or two with the help of hashtags. It can be one of the most effective Social Media Influencer strategies. Social mentions will help you to explore some mentions on the outlets such as – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. Apart from these influencers, Bloggers are the strongest influencers. Since, the bloggers may post about different content, it would manually become very difficult to manage and filter the important ones. But all thanks goes to the tools which are helping to filter the required blogs.




Yes you read it right. Before approaching those influencers, build a good relationship with them. Once you have identified the type of influencers you need for your brand, start building a level of trust with them. A relationship which is mutually beneficial. To gain an influencer, get to know everything about them and approach them by playing with their minds. Never rely on the third party or any agency. Better approach the influencers directly. Also, once you get an influencer, try maintaining a spread sheet to keep a record on their activities. This way you can track your success by their moves. This influencer strategy will help you out in long run.



The rewards are always mistaken with money. Not every influencer wants to be appreciated by money. There are many rewards which absolutely over weigh the cash rewards. In a study, it has been cited that most of the motivations included –
a. 55% rise in their reach to the audience.
b. More than 45% of quality content creation for the promotion of the brands.
c. 29% of improvising their personality or you can say image.
d. 24% are still there who still give preferences to money.
e. Rest 22% consist of the people who prefer their motivation as to living the new experiences.
In traditional marketing, money prizes are still considered as motivation but internet marketing has a drastic change in terms of motivation and marketing techniques.



Synchronization needs to be maintained while handling the promotions over the internet. This includes alignment of events. Publish your website content and material slowly and steadily. The way everybody excitedly awaits for your brand to publish something new. Endeavours such as content promotions, product release etc. needs a proper alignment with good amount of talks before and after the release. Firstly let people know that something exciting is coming their way. This is one of the trickiest yet the most effective influencer strategy. Create hype which would push the audience to want it more. Give the information about the events and press releases but not the entire information. This way it would become the most awaited event for them. Just make sure its worth the wait because naturally the people would be expecting a little higher from you.


If you want your influencers to continuously talk about your brand, tell them every possible thing about your brand. From the introduction till its nth aspect you have worked upon. Let them make noise about your brand. Give them access to conduct press releases, write articles, work on e-books etc. Its not necessary that they would use all the freedom you have provided but they will make sure that they will use the best one to promote your brand. Always do not expect them to view your brand as you do. Sometimes there might be chances your influencers might not up to the mark but yes it totally depends on your selection of influencers. This social media influencer strategy can affect your brand a lot. So be wise enough to take it in a positive direction.




Words hold the power which is far away from your imagination. A key to successful influencer marketing strategy is content. Your influencers might help you out to create some fantastic content. Just give them something to talk about. This strategy holds the power to attract people with same interests. Even experiences would count as an inspiration to your brand. Not only it attracts the people but also holds on to the people for longer time. This engagement is a positive sign for a brand to prosper and grow fast.



Influencers are known for promotions. Type of promotion matter. Expand your network, collect the databases, prepare a budget and attack all over. Before everything plan your move. Be ready for consequences, be it a success or downfall. Business never makes a huge success in its first move. Reach advocates and employees, they love to connect with people. Pay attention to the channels and let them talk about you. Let your brand make noise and gain the right traffic on to your site.


Since you have been putting lots of efforts, you should measure your results. You make multiple moves to promote your brand irrespective of which one suits your brand. Try capturing the results. Put all your strong moves together to prepare a good strategy.

Now that you know everything about influencer marketing strategy, you can plan your brand marketing accordingly. A brand has many aspects connected to it and influencer is such aspect which can change the game within no time.

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