11 worst phones in the history, including LG and Motorola phones

According to a reporter, the cellular technology has brought us with amazing mobile phones, but also the worst cell phones, such as Motorola ROKR. We found a number of so-called “worst phones”, and searched the customers comments on these phones from the Amazon online. Here are some of the comments we got from the phones with just a star.



1. Motorola Pebl

“The mobile phone build-in battery is useless and can’t be charged. Additionally, the phone has sticky coating which will absorb dust, lint, and other things.” Need laptop batteries?

Motorola Pebl

 2. Pantech C300

“The next day after buying the phone, I returned it, and bought a Nokia 6030.”

Pantech C300

3. Firefly Mobile

“The phone is simply unbelievable, I could have bought a fun phone, so I would be happier.”

Firefly Mobile

 4. LG Migo phone

“I bought this phone for my six-year-old son. And the phone is useless. After charged with a new battery, it still can’t power on.”

 LG Migo phone


5. LG Votager phone

“Last fall, I bought five such phones, but each has problems.”

LG Votager phone

6. Motorola ROKR

“The buttons fall off at least once a day, and it’s always system halted.”

Motorola ROKR


7. Motorola Flipout

“This phone is really garbage. The handset fell from one foot pillow, the display is broken.”


8. LG Double Play

“I bought this phone in April, but it didn’t work in early June. It has been unable to read the SIM card and it is now completely unusable. For just two months into the case, in order not to waste money, you had better not to buy this phone.”

LG Double Play


9. Motorola Kin

“Horrible user interface. You won’t receive the short message until you clean up your inbox. Handset is super small, button space is very small, the touch screen always has problems, it’s really terrible.”


Motorola Kin

10. HTC Windows 8

“If you want a phone that is card-shaped, unresponsive and somehow hanging up the phone, this is your best choice. If you want to escape from work, buy it now.”

 HTC Windows 8

 11. Cricket MSGM8

“Although the phone feels good, but the Bluetooth has problems, as it can’t transfer pictures or ringtones and other documents. Thus, if a friend wants to send you a photo, you have to give up.”

 Cricket MSGM8



Author BIO: I am Catherine Wu, I like tech posts, especially those about laptops, cell phones, and tablets. I have been writing tech articles for several years.

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