5 things you didn’t know about Nintendo

A classic games manufacturer, you may be familiar with the name but don’t you know about this gaming legend?

  1. Nintendo is over 100 years old

Founded in 1889, Nintendo is over 120 years old. Whilst it didn’t start with video-games straight away, instead focusing on playing cards early on, it’s been a very long and successful company.


Comparing this to its rivals, it’s not even any small difference in scale. Sony was founded in 1946 and Microsoft was formed in 1975. During Nintendo’s long run, it’s brought out more consoles than either of the other two including the NES, SNES, N64 and countless other home and hand-held portable gaming consoles, mostly to positive success.

  1. Nintendo and 3D

More than just the 3DS, Nintendo have always had an active interest in 3D gaming and we’re not on about failed attempts like the virtual boy. The original Gamecube had the capabilities for 3D gaming; unfortunately, the crystal


display required to make it work was deemed too expensive at the time. One game at least, Luigi’s Mansion, is known to have been developed with this 3D feature strongly in mind.

Of course, now we have the Nintendo 3DS, which finally realises this potential. Plus, if there was ever an argument to sell your old Nintendo DS for a new 3DS – Luigi’s Mansion has just gotten a sequel on the device. This time, it’s finally in 3D.

  1. Donkey Kong was originally a Popeye game.

Donkey Kong, the first game to introduce gamers to both Donkey Kong and Mario (back when he was known as Jumpman) wasn’t always going to be Donkey Kong.

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When it was first in development, it was meant to be a Popeye game. When the license was lost, some quick changes saw Mario/Jumpman replace Popeye, Donkey Kong replace Pluto and Pauline replace Olive. The rest, as they say, is history.

  1. Many games were re-used 64DD failures.

Since partnerships with both Phillips and Sony fell through, Nintendo released its own disc add-on much later for the Nintendo 64. Titled the 64DD, it, as well as the games available, only found a small market in Japan. As such, many of the games had to be re-used. Some,

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like Majora’s Mask, made it back onto the normal N64. Some were saved for the following Gamecube. Others, like Mother 3 were completely changed, moving onto the portable Game Boy Advance. Arguably more out of necessity, the trend for re-using games (whether failed or not) is something still seen today, including numerous ports on the current 3DS and Nintendo Wii U.

  1. Nintendo passed up the PlayStation

Before the Xbox was around, Sony was Nintendo’s sole large competitor in the games market. Little do people know that, at one time, the PlayStation was originally going to be a Nintendo device. This was back during the 80’s, when Nintendo’s main rival was Sega.

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The story goes that Nintendo worked in partnership with Sony to create a CD-based add-on to the SNES. Either due to licensing issues between the two companies or a separate agreement Nintendo made with Phillips, (cancelling the agreement with Sony), Nintendo and Sony went their separate ways.Sony continued to refine the technology into the PlayStation, or PS1; Nintendo’s biggest rival throughout the 90s. Even now, the PS3 as well as the up-coming PS4, are one of the company’s biggest threats in the gaming market.

David Smith is a frequent blogger and writer on anything relating to gaming, technology and anything in between. He likes to write about a variety of topics, from how to sell old Nintendo DS and other unwanted devices for profit to simply finding the best games available.

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