How To Design A Website Quickly

Everyone needs a website in today’s time. You cannot even think of owning a business without having a website. Even service providers prefer having their own domains for putting up all their skills and experience on a single web address. It helps them portray their profile much more professionally. But not everyone knows how to make a website or code one. To be honest, with so many open source programs supported by a very enthusiastic coders group globally, it does not take much to set up a website for yourself. You can do it fairly quickly now if you know some basic things.


Website building is an art but is not rocket science. Even a novice with an interest in the craft can do it. With proper tools anyone can do it. What you need to have is a clear idea of what you want and the diligence to zero in on the quintessence of the website you are building. One is advised to make a list of things he wants done.

Do you know Programming?

While there are a slew of tools available at the click of the mouse, examine them all carefully to choose the best. Joomla, Drupal or WordPress aid ably in designing an elaborate website but do you want one that fits that description? You might have heard people praising them to the hilt and they are justified in doing it. However, you need to have programming knowledge in order to use them. They are all good at creating shopping carts, user forums and product catalogues but there is nothing quick about them. A good website designed with these tools will take weeks to come into being.

Choose Wisely

On the other hand, a functional site that boasts of a page that contains all the information about the site with contact information and its goals can be created easily. There are four tools that you can use to set up a decent website. It should not take more than a few hours for you to have a website up and running.



This is a desktop application for Mac. You can choose the one most apt for your purposes from a lot of different templates. You may add pages you require. It is as easy as drag & drop for you to set up blog paraphernalia, text, contact forms and image galleries. Knowledge of HTML & CSS can help you edit codes. It is indeed as simple as it sounds but is at the same time, powerful.


This Apple product comes as a part of iLife desktop suite. The features in rapidWeaver can be found here too. A personal website builder can include ready-to-use templates and photos in his site using the drag & drop inerface. However, you must keep in mind that the files are generally going to be big and as a result, you will find it hard to export them to the web hosting company.


Weebly is a very easy application in that it can create a website within the browser. It has a simple interface to help you do it. Drag & Drop works to perfection here. You can drag  videos, pictures, text, anything in fact and put them all in the design you choose and you have your website ready. This is a tool that comes free and that is a great attraction.


This tool is used to create a website within your browser. Though Synthasite’s interface is somewhat more difficult than Weebly’s, its advantage lies in its inherent quality of enbling the embedding  of many more elements in all the pages. In addition it has default themes in greater numbers.

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SEO Predictions for 2014

The ultimate thing about search engines online is the fact that it keeps on changing. It is probably the most dyanamic part of the online world. The big picture of SEOs might not change, but the different details can alter every year, or in months as well. It keeps evolving with respect to what the requirements of the people are. Keeping that in mind, let’s put some of the predictions for 2014 in a list here:




Google has been the authorizing factor for quite some years now and will continue to be so as expected in the coming year as well. You will be tied with a Google+ account on a website application online. With the consistent indirect promotion for Google plus, authotship has gathered the maximum importance. Make yourself known for a niche and increase your chances of ranking much better. Collate all your written and published peices under one authorship for verifying your worth.

Better Information

Google will be more structured when it comes to the data that would improve the worth of their SERPs. Be it useful information of the content or a start ranking, Google is right there on the driving seat. The more you follow the rights schemes; you are likely to be on their start rankings for providing information of the content.

In-Depth Articles


Released in August 2013, Google has started to give out information about the consideration of factors on being in the spot in SERPs. This is what it means to be qualitative rather than quantitative. The goal for most webmasters on the internet is to get one of the three spots on a page. Your content has always been the priority, but shorter write ups are not going to work really well. Its about quality and the depth to which your content makes sense. Bigger, more meaningful articles full of visuals and video logs are going to rule the roost. Supporting info graphical information and curated ideas for better communication are the focus henceforth!

No Keywords

In case you are not aware of it yet, Google has decided to stop showing every incoming information of keyword in analytics. There are other sources of information like the workarounds, still Google is planning to harp less on keywords this time. This trend can be expected to continue for quite some time. The keywords only tend to make content stuffed with illogical wordings just for the bots, thus killing the finesse of a nicely structured article. In one way or the other, it does affect the quality of a write up, which is no way is what google and the readers want!

No Pagerank

The Pagerank on Google remains un-updated since the months of February 2013 which is a long period of time and it seems this is a subtle declaration that there is going to be none this year. This is one of the most important factors that is likely to change the course of SEO in 2014 since an yearly update or stopping the use of web metric all at once is a huge step. Although this was anticipated and most SEO analysts have been saying for a while that not a lot depends on the page rank anymore.

The above list shows a few trends and the obvious one being a shift from quantity towards quality to continue without a doubt. The biggest trend is the approach towards cleaning up the web by getting rid of spam content and making it a less viable option. Only those who are knowledgeable about the internet are at lesser risks here.


Save Money with a Pre-paid Phone

With monetary savings and intelligent investments becoming the most important thing in people’s lives these days, it’s become all the more difficult to understand whats right and whats wrong. Its raining offers, deals, save up mondays but it all seems a little too overwhelming. Are they really what they look like? Most people are penny wise and pound foolish. And this is what having a post paid connection seems to be becoming all about. On the first look, as one is saving a lot of dollars on the handset price(since postpaid service providers will discount it), one tends to overlook the ensuing usage costs.


A number of people have gone on to calculate the total amount of money spent on postpaid and prepaid connections, and is turns out that prepaid clearly emerges as the winner when it comes to saving dollars. The issue is that up till now pre paids have been associated with those who were not affluent enough to afford post-paid. But the trend got a start with students enrolled at the university level and now gradually more and more people are choosing prepaid services over the post paid ones; consequentially the supposed segregation has vanished.

Although there are one too many reasons that each person can point out for choosing prepaid connections over the post paid ones, but here is a list of the main pointers that are common for most people.

Saves you the money by a big margin

It is beneficial over post-paid connection by almost $600 as in a pre paid you skip the activation fees, the monthly access rate and the 24 month access fee also. The pre paid connection will not have these hidden costs that you’d bear without acknowledging before signing up for the contract.

No contract bindings

It is free of the 24 month contract. And this is a relief for users unable to understand why they should be in a two year contract. One is always wanting to be able to take to change. Also, with the ever so growing market, you never know when you’d like to try a new handset. Being bound in a hefty contract may completely kill all those opportunities.

You don’t feel the pinch of being under a debt

You will not be in debt, as you will have an estimate at the start of every month how much you are spending. This lets you manage your accounts well!

Works well as an extra family phone

There is also a few of us who believe that kids may not necessarily need a phone for themselves all the time. But, when they head out with their friends to a concert or somewhere without the parents, it may get difficult to communicate with them without a mobile. Adding another contract phone to the family circle can call for a lot of money. Also because you do not really need a very smart phone for such purposes. Getting yourself a prepaid connection on an average phone should suffice. Your communication woes are resolved and you don’t end up blowing a lot of money on the regular contracts as such.

Better Plans


As more and more smartphone users are making the switch, providers are catering to them now, by providing upto 5GB plans. Verizon which provides the latest devices and is the most widely used provider, has a pre-paid plan too.

So one can see that this trend of pre paid connection is slowly but surely coming about. You might be paying more upfront on the basic purchase of a device but if you calculate over a two year period, you will see how you’re only saving up every a lot that wasn’t really visible at the start. One just needs to compromise on the fact that you may not be able to own the latest device in the market, and once you have made peace with this fact, you are all set to save your dollars.

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Chris Fox once did a documentary on reptile food vendors and covered various frozen rabbits as the main selling point. Before taking up videography full time, he has worked as a copyeditor for a reputation management agency.

Life Before Facebook: Do You Remember

Facebook has changed the world’s citizens individually and collectively over the years. I don’t remember, even during the days Internet took the world by storm, the youngsters and old people sitting glued to the computer the way they do now. Besides, there were no tablets and smartphones which you can carry wherever you went visiting; it does not matter now if your next place of visit is a water closet or an open concert by a heavy metal band. You cannot hope to see anybody without a smartphone or tablet in the present times. The two scientific marvels made their appearance roughly at the same time as Facebook (and others of its ilk) made its own.


The Beginning

It is not that there was no social media element in the days before Facebook. Orkut was there and so were many others. Only, the all-encompassing nature of the new medium was not quite in place then. Many thought that it was an uninteresting idea to make friends with total strangers. While the concept was not really new – think of the idea of pen friends which has been in existence for decades – the complications of using technology to make it possible put many off. It was plain maze for a lot of people who thought it was not worth the efforts.

Making Friends

Making friends is so mechanical now and you make them in hordes. You may not know a large number of your “friends” and frankly, you cannot be bothered. It is the number of friends that you have in your kitty that matters. The more you have of them, the more popular you are; to what end is not a question many can answer. Not that it matters too much.

Impersonal Bonds


Before Facebook, people made arrangements to meet some place to spend quality time together. They developed and nurtured personal bonds which is hardly the case after the Facebook almost has taken over lives in its millions. Someone who had been living even 20 years ago would think it odd or plain indecent if he were to witness people sacrificing face-to-face interactions in favor of the very impersonal contacts one makes with someone whom one may never meet. The truth is that you may not even remember the friends you make in Facebook after a while.

Advertisement on Facebook

Advertisers had to shell out considerable sums of money to make their announcements before Facebook. One can only concede that Internet had made it possible for small businesses to advertise with a small amount of money. A very agreeable feature of internet advertising was its global reach. Facebook has retained the reach of internet but has done away with the expenses. It is possible in Facebook to advertise your ware without giving money to anybody. Keep making friends and let your business grow proportionately.

Domination of Facebook

Traditional means of communication cannot be given a go by anytime soon. They have entrenched themselves so deep in the social milieu as well as business environment. But, it is obvious that Facebook is eating into their exclusivity and diluting them so much that there may come a time when Facebook will be the main mode of communication.


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Ryan Spice is a link builder and works as a consulting agent for new york seo companies. His niche is writing content that is worth a lot of value. He believes a link without without worthy content is a link wasted. He also loves to click pictures and especially bokehs.


What You Need to Know About Smart Watches

Have you heard about smart watches? If not, you should read up because they’re going to become very popular really quickly. Don’t worry, though, because we have a list of what you need to know about smart watches so that you can make a wise decision about whether or not they should be a part of your life.

                      Photo credits: Steve Wright Jr.

What You Should Know About Smart Watches

Here’s a look at the major things you’re going to want to know about smart watches.

  • They’re Tiny – Even compared to the smallest mobile phone, a smart watch is going to seem tiny in comparison. Because of this, you shouldn’t expect to lounge around and watch full length movies all day.

  • Security – As with smartphones and other mobile devices, a smart watch is going to be another way that hackers and identity thieves can rob you. Because of this, it’s important to study up on the security features that the various watches offer.

As for what smart watches are on the horizon, here’s a quick look at some of them that are the most anticipated for one reason or another.

  • Google Smart Watch – After Google Glass came out, some people wondered if Google would even bother with a smart watch. Well, they are and it’s looking like it’s going to be a great product.

  • Qualcomm Toq  – This one has a great user interface design – especially when you consider the small screen size. This watch uses a Mirasol display which is really easy to read.

  • Kreyos Meteor  – The really cool thing about this one is that it can synch up with your smartphone wirelessly so both devices are always on the same page when it comes to notifications, emails and calendar reminders.

  • HOT (Hands On Talk) SmartWatch – The thing that sets this smart watch apart from all the others is that it gives you the option of private calling. You’ll have to check it out yourself to see how they do this.

  • Metawatch – This is one of the dumbest smart watches available, but for some people that’s a good thing. It’s already available for sale and concentrates on four pieces of information – the time, the weather, notifications, and a stock ticker.

Smart watches will likely go through a lot of changes as they become more common – like computers, mobile phones and a lot of other technology – but this is a good thing for humanity. The big thing to remember is that you shouldn’t put all your faith and trust into ANY electronic device. Once you do that, you’re going to find that your life is unlivable unless you have the technology – and that’s not a good thing.


Written by: Stella Kessler reads brilliant directories reviews to learn more about their company. She also has a love of infographics – at the least the ones that are well designed.