How to make LinkedIn work for you?

LinkedIn Redefined

LinkedIn is an opportunity to connect with professionals for job and business. LinkedIn is about forming a network of professionals from your industry. We all know that forming connections with professionals ‘who we know’ is easy. But more than any other social networking website on the internet – LinkedIn offers users tremendous opportunities to connect and grow your network.

This post is about revisiting the various facets of LinkedIn to understand – ‘how you as a LinkedIn user can add value to your professional profile’? In other words, we will talk about – how to make LinkedIn work for you!

Connect and Grow

Connect and Grow

As a LinkedIn user you can not only connect, but you can also help existing and new connections (outside your network) know more about you. Now, encouraging new connections outside your network to connect with you is a very subtle aspect of LinkedIn. You are not going out there to shout that ‘I exist’ and ‘so connect with me’ – we all know that never works. But by following certain tips you can become visible to a lot of professionals who would find it highly beneficial to get connected with you.

Profile Visibility

First and Foremost, it is a wise step to make your profile visible by acting on the following triggers:

  • Professional Photograph:

    You may love your dog more than you love yourself (I know cuddling pets is cute and awesome!) but it would look more appealing to the audience, if you just keep your own picture on the profile page. No Pets, No Children and No Spouse Photos. There was a time, when people viewed LinkedIn profiles as a resume and they still do – but it is more than a resume! LinkedIn is your entire persona both professional and personal which comes alive when you develop and maintain a great profile page.

  • Keyword rich title:

    Google will highlight your profile in its search results only if it contains specific keywords. For instance: ‘Content Strategist’ is more convincing to the user than the generic term ‘Content Developer’. Content Writer is fine too, but then it is confusing because the obvious question: What kind of content do you write?  So, if you are a resume writer then it is better to write that. Or if you are an academic writer and you specialize in admission essays, then it is better to write ‘admission essays’ in the headline.

  • Attractive Headline:

    Writing attractive headlines is as important as writing keyword rich titles. Keep it simple, yet descriptive. For instance: Content Strategist with 5 years of branding experience is more suggestive than only writing ‘Experienced Content Strategist’. But it is not ideal to mention more than one title. If you are both a ‘Project Manager’ and ‘Content Strategist’ then mention the title which explains more about the job that you do. Or just combine the terms – ‘Content Manager’ may sound ideal; and again it depends on your professional role in the company.

Communicate your professional expertise

We discussed earlier that LinkedIn is more than a resume because it brings to life the various facets of your ability to think intelligently.

Communicate your professional expertise

  • Posting Updates :

    Publishing content is one of the effective ways in which you can keep the audience informed about your professional expertise. For instance: You have designed a new website then you can write a blog about that particular designing experience and post the blog. Infact, it can work wonders, because you are writing about a specific & recent project. Yes, overall experience also counts a lot, but then you can always mention that in the ‘Summary’ section.

  • Summary:


    Keep the summary crisp and informative. The way you write the summary will either intrigue the profile viewer in knowing more about you or it will make the profile viewer skip to the next section. It is good to add links to your projects. Adding links to your projects will work as effectively as posting an article about your latest project.

  • Sending Messages:


    You can elaborate about your purpose for connecting with a professional contact by sending that contact a message. Yes, there is a word limit to your message but you can be descriptive within that word limit. A personalized message can highlight your business agenda in a better way.

  • Add Apps:

    If you are a writer then, adding Apps such as the SlideShare or WordPress app will highlight your interest in using specific platforms to market your content. People using similar apps would find this interesting and this could turn out to be a rapport building initiative.

Using LinkedIn Tools

LinkedIn has done lot of innovation with tools in the recent times. It is also worthwhile to know that LinkedIn does not keep you engaged with a tool which eventually becomes outdated. LinkedIn constantly innovates to provide you with a better networking experience.

  • LinkedIn Rapportive:

    Rapportive is one of the latest tools published by LinkedIn. This tool is specifically for Gmail users. The idea behind this tool is that – if you know someone on your Google plus network then you can connect with that professional on LinkedIn as well. You can directly view information about your LinkedIn contacts in the Gmail inbox: Profile, Location, Job, Business, Interests and Connections. The Rapportive tool will simply give you more opportunities to establish contact with your professional network.

  • Who viewed your profile:

    This tool has been around for some time now. However, the awesome part is LinkedIn has reinvented the ‘who viewed your profile’ tool as well. It works this way: In addition to knowing about ‘how many times your profile is viewed’, you also get to know about the importance of those views. For instance: LinkedIn would suggest that connecting with a certain group will enhance your profile views by 3% or connecting with a certain professional may increase your profile views by 5% and so on. The idea behind this added feature is to tell you about ‘how you can reinvent your own profile by adding new connections and following new groups’.

In conclusion, it can be observed that LinkedIn is about connecting with professionals intelligently and at a dynamic pace. You don’t stop at just connecting because you find more opportunities to express your business interests with your connections. LinkedIn brings to you seamless opportunities which can be unraveled with innovation. LinkedIn users will always find another reason to update their profile with new tools, apps and additional features.

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Improve your social network with the help of Facebook Video

Social media sites are increasingly popular in the present day because of which the social network of people also is getting widened.  Recently Face book joined with Skype to launch video in Face book. Face book is fast trying to overpower Google +. Face book has mainly two advantages:-

social network

  1. A lot of your friends might already be on the service of Face book. It has about 750 million users across the world. Google + is not open to the public yet.
  2. Face book claims that its features are so easy that the least technical people may also be able to make it out.

Face book is constantly updating its features and applications. One of the most recent such developments is the use of videos. With just a click a user can share a video he or she created with the world. Sharing videos on Face book can be thrilling for some, it would prove terrifying for certain others depending on the kind of video that is uploaded. Videos on Face book can be used both for good and bad.

Ways of Sharing Videos on Face book:
  1. If you are provided with a good internet connection, you can straightaway send a video from your video camera to your Face book page. Then you have to give it a catchy title. You can also tag your friends who would like the video and click update. That ends the procedure of sharing a video on Face book.
  2. Another way to upload videos on Face book is to transfer the videos first to a desktop and then send it to Face book page. There are various ways of editing the videos if one has a passion towards doing it. Videos on Face book have a size limit, videos larger than the permitted size cannot be put up in Face book.

Social media sites like Face book are public platforms. One has to be extra cautious in writing messages, sharing videos and even in accepting friendship requests. There could be various scams and there are people who engage themselves in cyber crime. When used for the right purpose with the right group of people, Face book videos will improve our social network. Even some business enterprises make use of Face book as a platform for popularizing their business. Various groups and communities created in Face book virtually bring likeminded people together and their social network grows rapidly.


About author:

Joseph Porter is a dissertation freelance writer and the professionals helping to write essay for the academic students with over 14 year’s experience. He enjoys writing about current trends and innovations in education, technology and traveling.

Social Media Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2014

The social media frenzy began early on in 2006 when Facebook started becoming the most popular website in the world. The prime idea was to connect people around the world through the internet and enable a fast exchange of information.

As its popularity grew, many businesses saw the opportunity to jump in and seize the advantage. What was once a website made for people who wanted to communicate with each other is now a website for businesses that want to communicate with us.


So, with 2013 flying by in light speed, many exciting trends in social media marketing await us in the new 2014, here are the top 7:

Mandatory Investment in Social Media

Social Media

Throughout the year of social media evolution, many businesses managed to evade it, and with success. Sticking to good old-fashioned marketing trends proved favorable to many. Besides, many companies didn’t even sell products that could be marketed on Facebook, so it was in the nature of the business to look for advertising elsewhere.

The year 2013 already proved that social media marketing was a huge advantage, and I believe that in 2014, every company will need to have their name advertised online.

Statistics stands as evidence. Companies know that numbers don’t lie, and the numbers say that the impact of social media necessarily leads to an increase in profit. The basic step here is integrating content strategy with social media strategy, a move that will surely be done by all who have opposed this marketing style thus far.

The Importance of Google+


Google+ is steadily catching up to Facebook when it comes to the monthly number of users. But it’s doing more than just that. It’s evolving into more than just a social networking platform. Now it plays a crucial role in Google’s SEO scheme, as well as in personalizing search results, demographics, and social signals.

We know how SEO is important to websites that want a strong online presence. This is the main reason why Google+ will become incredibly important in planning a successful online marketing strategy.

Let’s not forget the importance of Google Authorship which has a great impact on search results and uses Google+ as the enforcer. Any company that wants to be ranked high on Google’s search results will have to succumb to Google+.

Image-based Networks will Rise


Websites such as Tumblr and Pinterest are based solely on images, and this method has proven to be extremely popular not only in 2013, but in previous years as well. Visual content is easier to digest and many businesses will greatly benefit from this style of advertising.

Retailers around the world sell products that demand little to no text whatsoever. A fashion industry, for example, will benefit greatly from publishing images of clothing online and letting the customers do the rest.

Micro-Video based Social Media


Now that we covered images, it’s time to move on to video marketing, especially micro-video. Although this new type of video-sharing feature hasn’t yet shown a clear impact on online marketing, it would be unwise to ignore it completely.

Websites that were based on short text messages, such as Twitter, are now moving on to even shorter videos. Twitter’s feature allows only 6 seconds of video to be shared. Whether or not this is enough, only time will tell.

The Fall of Foursquare


Already showing struggles in 2013, Foursquare won’t be doing much better in 2014 and will probably decline in its entirety.

Although interesting to many at first, Foursquare didn’t offer much to hold everyone’s attention for a long period of time. The main feature is location based. Users are allowed to check-in to numerous locations and venues while sharing that information with others on the web.

My Space will Grow

images (6)

Once on the verge of oblivion, MySpace has shown impressive results in 2013 and will grow even bigger in 2014. It seems that smartphone apps were a salvation to MySpace, they now allow users to listen to music, communicate and more through an app on their phone.

They probably won’t rise to the same heights as Facebook and Twitter, but will remain constantly visited by bands and music lovers, allowing music industries to move in on and take command.

LinkedIn will become crucial for B2B growth


LinkedIn proved to be a top ranking site among professionals looking for business opportunities, and they haven’t stopped expanding. With their new Influencers program, they moved into content creation and curation.

The business-to-business will now have even more reason to use LinkedIn and will attract many more users as well.


Kartina writes about creative marketing, small business promotional trends, digital marketing and social media marketing. This article was inspired by social media strategies and trends to promote your business the best way possible.

3 main tips on How to find jobs in PHP Developer

PHP Jobs

OutlineIn order to get a job as a PHP developer, it is essential that you have to work towards it. Be it in the form of improving yourself, searching for a job or even gaining experience while you are waiting for a job, it is totally up to you how to get a good job.

If you want to work as a PHP developer, then you should be prepared for the tough competition that would stand in your way. You need to be persistent as well as need to have the edge in order to make a mark in this field.

Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced person, it is a task to find a good opportunity that also allows you to enhance your skills as a PHP Developer. If you are looking for a job in this field, then here are a few tips that can help you on how to find jobs in PHP


Improve yourself
  • Work on your technical skills – In this particular area, it is essential that you have good technical skills. There are certain aspects which are very important and have to be well versed, these are the basic or foundation for any program that you do. Working on your technical skills will make a huge difference to find a good job.
  • Work on your codes – Another important aspect of being a PHP developer is the coding that is done. It is essential that you should be well versed with your coding skills. Whenever you have the time, it will be advisable to work on this front. There are various groups which are available online wherein PHP developers come together and share various networking and technical tips that can be helpful.
  • Improve your communication skills– In any field, communication skills is one of the most important and essential aspect. In order to be a good developer, it is important that you should be able to communicate what you have in mind properly and efficiently. This would also come in handy when you are working with a company and have to deal with clients.
  • Learn the implementation of time management as a strategy– The key to any successful professional is managing his or her time. You can start working on this by setting time frames while working on any project. In fact you can start this when you are pursuing your education itself. When you manage your time properly, it can help you drastically while you are at work as this is what will play one of the important roles in the assessment of your work.webdevelopment
Start searching around for various PHP Developer Jobs
  • Build a resume that is impressive– Your resume is the first point contact that a company has and it tells them a lot about you. This is why it is essential that it should be impressive enough that it attracts them. One of the best ways for you to create that impression is by showing them the different projects you might have taken while you are searching for a job. If you are fresher, then this can be achieved if you start working as a freelancer online.
  • Search various sites for jobs– Thankfully the internet has opened its door for companies to post various positions or job offers they have available for people who are in the lookout for PHP Developer Jobs


Gain the required experience when you can by being proactive
  • Start blogging your work– While you are searching for a job or even when you are studying, one of the best ways to find a good job is by blogging. You can start blogging your work so that you can add the experience on your resume. This will also help to get the required attention you would need as a PHP Developer
  • Volunteer whenever you can– Another tip that can help you in finding a good job is by volunteering whenever you can. This could in the form of helping people with their collage projects, academic writing etc. This will benefit in two main ways. The first being that you can earn some money and the second is that you are working on your technical skills as well as creating a more solid platform to get a good job
  • Work as a freelancer– One of the best ways for any professional is the ability to work at their own convince. If you are looking at ways on how to find jobs in PHP, then freelancing is also a good option. There are many websites that offer such opportunities for people.

In conclusion, you do not have to go to a physical office to find a job, just by working on yourself, using your time in the right may and making use of every opportunity that comes to you can make an overall impact on your search for a good job.

Author Bio: The writer of this article is a professional in providing various kinds of tips for those people who wish to work as a PHP developer. In this article, the writer has provided useful information on how a person can find a good PHP Developer jobs.


How to Clean Your Smartphone without Breaking it

Forgetting to clean your cellphone means nasty germs and bacteria spreading on your skin, in your home and office and anywhere you go. Even though it may seem to you that there is nothing to clean about a phone, think twice. These gadgets are everywhere with you. They gather dirt and dust from the street, from your hands, from other people’s fingers. They accumulate debris when you accidentally drop them on the ground. Bacteria and germs can cause infection and other health problems. Thus, you should make it a habit to clean your device on a regular basis.

Cleaning a gadget that has delicate components is a tricky thing. You need to be careful not to break or damage the device. Here we will show you what products and materials you can use to safely clean your smartphone.

Cleaning Materials and Products

Before you get started, check out the materials you are going to need:

  • Cotton swabs:

    if you don’t have cotton swabs, you can use Q-tips or cotton balls. Wood shafted cotton swabs are the best option.

  • Lint-free microfiber cloth:

    a lot of devices are sold with lint-free microfiber cloths. If you don’t have one, you can purchase a cloth from pharmacies and eyeglass stores.

  • Rubbing alcohol:

    this will serve to clean hard plastic and keypad

  • Distilled water:

    you need distilled water to clean camera lens and screen. Distilled water is a better alternative in this situation because it doesn’t have the chemicals that tap water contain and it doesn’t leave a white film on the surface.

When thinking of the materials list, make sure you exclude solvents, aerosol sprays, window cleaners, ammonia, abrasives or other harsh chemicals, for they can damage your smartphone.

Cleaning Guidelines

The first thing to do is to turn off the device and remove the battery. If you use a cover on the gadget, take it off.

If your phone has a keypad or keyboard, it should be your starting point. Take a cotton swab and soak it into diluted rubbing alcohol. Squeeze the swab to remove the excess liquid. Next, rub the keypad. Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure. Also, don’t let any alcohol get under the keyboard or inside the phone.


For the rest of the phone you can use rubbing alcohol.

When you wipe down the entire device, use a cloth or another cotton swab to dry the surface. If there are any remaining stains under the battery cover, take a Q-tip and distilled water and rub. Don’t forget to dry the entire surface if you use water to clean your smartphone.

Your camera lens needs cleaning as well. Use a cotton swab and water to clean the surface using circular motion. When you finish rubbing, make sure you dry the lens with a cloth or towel. Don’t let water dry on the lens.

Next, wet the lint-free microfiber. Note that you don’t want to soak the cloth. Wipe down the screen using single strokes. We don’t recommend moving in circular motions as this may cause scratches.

Should you have cracks on the screen, removing the screen protector is not advisable. In case you removed the protector, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how and when to apply a new one.

When you are done cleaning the device, let it dry completely before you reassemble it. When sufficient time has passed, put back the battery and turn on the phone. You now have a germless phone.

About the Author: Rose Finchley likes to read everything related to technology.

Life Before Facebook: Do You Remember

Facebook has changed the world’s citizens individually and collectively over the years. I don’t remember, even during the days Internet took the world by storm, the youngsters and old people sitting glued to the computer the way they do now. Besides, there were no tablets and smartphones which you can carry wherever you went visiting; it does not matter now if your next place of visit is a water closet or an open concert by a heavy metal band. You cannot hope to see anybody without a smartphone or tablet in the present times. The two scientific marvels made their appearance roughly at the same time as Facebook (and others of its ilk) made its own.


The Beginning

It is not that there was no social media element in the days before Facebook. Orkut was there and so were many others. Only, the all-encompassing nature of the new medium was not quite in place then. Many thought that it was an uninteresting idea to make friends with total strangers. While the concept was not really new – think of the idea of pen friends which has been in existence for decades – the complications of using technology to make it possible put many off. It was plain maze for a lot of people who thought it was not worth the efforts.

Making Friends

Making friends is so mechanical now and you make them in hordes. You may not know a large number of your “friends” and frankly, you cannot be bothered. It is the number of friends that you have in your kitty that matters. The more you have of them, the more popular you are; to what end is not a question many can answer. Not that it matters too much.

Impersonal Bonds


Before Facebook, people made arrangements to meet some place to spend quality time together. They developed and nurtured personal bonds which is hardly the case after the Facebook almost has taken over lives in its millions. Someone who had been living even 20 years ago would think it odd or plain indecent if he were to witness people sacrificing face-to-face interactions in favor of the very impersonal contacts one makes with someone whom one may never meet. The truth is that you may not even remember the friends you make in Facebook after a while.

Advertisement on Facebook

Advertisers had to shell out considerable sums of money to make their announcements before Facebook. One can only concede that Internet had made it possible for small businesses to advertise with a small amount of money. A very agreeable feature of internet advertising was its global reach. Facebook has retained the reach of internet but has done away with the expenses. It is possible in Facebook to advertise your ware without giving money to anybody. Keep making friends and let your business grow proportionately.

Domination of Facebook

Traditional means of communication cannot be given a go by anytime soon. They have entrenched themselves so deep in the social milieu as well as business environment. But, it is obvious that Facebook is eating into their exclusivity and diluting them so much that there may come a time when Facebook will be the main mode of communication.


Written By:

Ryan Spice is a link builder and works as a consulting agent for new york seo companies. His niche is writing content that is worth a lot of value. He believes a link without without worthy content is a link wasted. He also loves to click pictures and especially bokehs.


How to Schedule Your Twitter Posts

Twitter is a really great social media network, but it can be time consuming to manually type up posts all the time – especially if you’re using it on your smartphone or mobile device. Fortunately, there are ways you can schedule your Twitter posts. We’re going to go over these as well as give you some idea of whether or not you want to use them when interacting on this social media network.


                                  Photo credits: Steve Garfield

How to Schedule Your Posts

Here’s a look at some specific ways that you can schedule your Twitter posts for a future time.


  • Twuffer – This online tool uses a simple calendar interface so that you can schedule as many posts in the future as you want. You do need to authorize the service with Twitter, but that’s common with all these tools.
  • FutureTweets – The thing that makes this Tweet scheduling service different is that you can flip the text upside down. Why you would want to do this more than once is unknown, but there you go.
  • LaterBro – With a cool name, this Twitter scheduling service you can also schedule Facebook posts for a certain time. This makes the online tool even more useful for content creators.

Other methods exist, but the three specific examples above should get you headed in the right direction.

Pros and Cons of Scheduling Tweets

Before you rush off and implement any of the methods described above, it’s a good idea to take a look at some of the pros and cons we have compiled on why you may not want to schedule too many of your tweets to post automatically.

  • Pro – It’s easy. Put simply, scheduling tweets for the future is pretty simple and foolproof most of the time. Using any of the scheduling services listed above doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. In no time at all, you’ll be able to schedule as many tweets as you want.
  • Con – Timeliness. You’re not going to be able to schedule breaking news posts unless you have a time machine in working operation. In all seriousness, most people want up to the minute news and information. It’s really hard to schedule this effectively for the future.
  • Pro – It’s efficient. When you can sit down once and do a week’s worth of tweets at the same time, you’re being more efficient which has many benefits. For one, you’re going to be able to turn your attention to other matters – some of which may directly bring in revenue for you.
  • Con – Not human. Even though you’re going to be writing the posts, it’s really easy for most people to tell if something is an automated post or was written in realtime. Being genuine on social media networks is important if you want to get the most benefits from the time and money you spend.
  • Pro – It’s Free. This is minor for some people, but for others it makes all the difference in the world. By being able to automate tasks for free, it can help a business in many different ways. It can even help if you work for yourself.

As you can see, just because you can schedule your tweets automatically doesn’t mean you necessarily want to do so. The best thing to do is sit down and think long and hard about your specific case. By weighing the pros and cons listed above, you’ll be able to determine whether or not this is something you really want to do with your social media accounts.

Written by: Janet Diquit likes to use Panasonic HD camcorders for a lot of different reasons. As a part of the social media marketing NYC scene, she likes learning about technology.