Why Blogging is Better than Social Media Sites?

Blogging is an online marketing staple nowadays specially for those people who has business. As we all know, these businesses resorted and focused on social media sites in the recent years for profit gaining. The most popular sites that businesses use are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. The blogging side is kinda neglected because of that. But maintaining a blog can be beneficial to businesses in ways that social media sites can’t do.



Below are the outlined methods regarding the beneficial things from blogging:


1. Blogs are the one which can improve Search Engine Optimization.

Blogs is more on the type of content that search engines look for and they give rewards in terms of good rankings. Why is that?


* Blogs are basically text-based with an interesting image to attract readers.

* Blogs can get crawled by search engine bots faster due to daily/weekly updates of webmasters.

* Bloggers are considered as natural link-builder because of the updates they make on their site.


2. Blogging can add a personal touch.

A person or group of people is the one who manages the blogging site. They communicate directly with loyal and potential readers/customers in a good manner. This is what we call personal touch on blogging. You present something that is important and personal as well for you. Your experiences are being shared with million of people whom you really do not know and yet you share a piece of your life. Personal anecdotes along with business topics are the best because you give a glimpse of your own life to the readers. You can earn respect and eventually become a popular blogger.


3. Blogging can help to build a brand.

In blogging, you can actually create a strong loyalty from the customers because you interact with them and added personal touch as well. Emotional blog posts are also striking because it appeals to the values and emotions of the readers. When writing, you can actually deliver your message directly, clearly and quickly and thus providing a focused message to the target audience. Your blog posts must always stand out from the rest. Provide a unique angle on each and every blog post.


4. Attraction from media.

Even popular and respected media outfit like CNN or BBC and alike digs blog posts. Blog on a particular niche like business is really easy to find on the internet, one click and you can actually read tons of relevant searches. Remember that internet is also a source of information nowadays. Even media people resort to search engine, so it does not take too long to notice your helpful and informative blog. Media is powerful too so it’s better that you update your blog and gain followers/readers and even potential customers.


5. Blog features profitable niches.

When having a business, you must use the niche that is appropriate for the service/product you are offering. In this way, readers will think that you care for their needs and actually offering help to them. Blogging can also reduce the marketing expenses because it’s almost free and can reach a wider and larger audience. Business blog related must also present a blog that connects to the people and interact with them as much as possible.


Social media sites are not the only one you can use to reach audience. Blog is essential because you are building your brand and making it an authority on your chosen field. As you can see, blogs can really help to boost your business. All you need to do is handle it with care and regularly update it with useful information that people need.


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Lisa Monica Parker is a college student who is passionate about writing. She loves to write superior papers for her writing portfolio and dreaming to be a professional writer someday. Lisa is fond of sharing positive thoughts on her Google+.


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Top 5 Internet Marketing Trends That Will Dominate The Market in 2014

MarketingTrends2014Marketing through Internet has become a very brilliant strategy that is adopted by companies and organizations nowadays. In fact Internet has totally changed the system to share information and sell products and services. It is a very cheap medium to target the maximum consumers for your products and services. Some of the internet marketing trends that will dominate in the market in 2014 are following-

  • Content Marketing

Mainly companies are gaining trust of consumers by creating content that is very valuable and of high quality, consistently through a number of channels. This involves relevant information about company which provides entertainment and insight to audience. The top strategies for B2B content marketing are articles on website of business, social media, case studies, e  -newsletters and videos. So, with the help of these marketing techniques like radio ads and television ads have become very less effective. These companies should make inbound marketing very effective by producing valuable content for specific consumers.

  • Rule of Image-Centric Content

Because consumers are getting large number of ads, so make your content quickly and easily digestible, today many social media sites focus on images and getting success using image based content. Blog posts that are getting success and receiving the maximum shares of people are due to well-placed pictures that focus on important points. Another option is Infographics in which images are combined with some text information for explaining the topic providing data and statistical information obtained from research studies.

  • Need of Mobile-Friendly Content

Nowadays, use of tablets and smartphones is increasing, so companies are creating content that will be accessible to users of mobiles. It’s very useful to give a positive experience to mobile users. Otherwise, your company can lose customers easily to competitors who are going according to this trend.

  • Effective growth of Ad retargeting

This marketing strategy is growing recently. It utilizes the browser cookies to keep track of websites visited by users. Once users leave certain site, the services or products viewed by them will be shown again to them through advertisements across other websites seen by them so that consumers are able to keep the product and brand at the top of their mind. This technique is very effective. According to psychological studies, simple exposure to logos and their brand names creates familiarity, that helps to build trust and consumers are more likely to purchase.

  • More diversity will be required in Social Media Marketing

Few years ago, social media networks used by businesses were limited due to the presence of some of the marketing campaigns like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But many new sites of social media are coming up nowadays like Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. These are gaining popularity by providing options to make engaging content through variety of  forms of media and make their consumers across more channels as compared to earlier times. So, businesses should branch out to multiple networks to reach maximum number of consumers. This diversification is very useful for companies.


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The Latest Social Media Trends Everyone Should Know

You may think that fashion trends are a fickle social beast, but social media trends are even worse. What was hot yesterday could be totally out by the end of the week and to keep in the know, it’s important to keep your eye on the ball as to what the latest trends are in social media. And even though your job might not be in a field that has a direct impact from social media, it is still very important that you keep up to date with what is going on around you.

Twitter interaction with celebrities

Twitter interaction

Twitter used to be a place where people would be able to watch in their favorite celebrities and see what they are up to, monitoring their every thought. But it seems this trend has taken a bizarre step forward – with hoards of public fans communicating with celebs on a day to day basis, chatting to them about their dogs, hair and weather like they are their neighbor.

You Tube TV Shows


YouTube are now hosting TV shows, a concept where before viewers could only get a sneak peak or a trailer. Now viewers are able to watch everything from beginning to end, although they are subjected to mass advertising at the beginning of the show and during the episode. Although there is no charge involved, the constant advertising must be irksome.

Market Research on Facebook 


There is probably no more powerful social medial market research tool in the world at the moment as the platforms made available by Facebook. Companies, newsrooms and friends list are exchanging information, referrals and getting opinions by the use of polls and a basic question and answer forum. Its free and it’s an enthusiastically supported concept.

Social Media Shopping


The e-com industry is experiencing an unparalleled boom a certain revolution and the social media page is doing a lot to support that. Small businesses, crafters and home industries are using social media pages to upload inventory and get customers by showcasing their storefronts for the world to see. Judging by the popularity of this trend it must be working extremely well.

Online Entertainment 


Social media sites are the primary reason people are logging on to their computers every day – they use them for entertainment and alleviation of boredom. So instead of slouching on the couch in front of the TV they are logging on to see what it the latest news, what’s going on with their friends and looking for places to shop, interact and programs to watch.

Professional Profiles

Professional Profiles

It has become quite an accepted concept for social media users to have professional profiles on various sites in order to boost their reputation ratings. It is also not uncommon for professional people to have dual social media accounts – one for their personal use and another for their professional profile. This way people can keep their weekend antics to themselves among friends and have a slick, professional social media feed that will help them boost their business and professional profiles.

You Tube Stars


Many home movies, aspiring singers and actresses are able to upload their home made documentaries, amateur TV shows and one man ban extravaganzas for all the world to see – for no cost at all. This way, hardly-known rising stars are able to get some serious exposure that they would never have normally had access to. It is a well known fact that worldwide mega super star Justin Bieber – love him or hate him, in terms of worldwide social media followers he is in the lead by eons – had his start on You Tube, posting homemade videos of him singing his songs. And in a very short space of time has soared to popularity like almost never seen before.

National Emergencies via Twitter

gv Day14_Megantic

Never before has the world been so close, and been able to stay in touch and keep up to date by the minute like it is able to today. In terms of national and world wide emergencies the world is able to get real time, live coverage of events as they unfold in the world; enabling people and communities to get the help and support they need much faster and much better than before. People who would never before be praised as heroes for saving people are celebrated and people are able to let their families know they are safe using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to help them do so.


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How to install and uninstall internet data card dongle

As you know this is the world where wireless-internet usage is being wide-spread and the device for using wireless internet has been consistently increasing! And the USB Dongle is becoming a necessary device to get anytime internet access!

Internet data card dongle

What is a Dongle?

It’s just a small hardware device that can be connected to computers which use to allow access to the wireless internet and also for protecting certain software. Nowadays internet data card Dongles are coming in the form of a flash drive that is just plugged into the USB port of laptops or desktops. In general USB dongles are otherwise called as “USB modem” or “Data card”.

How to use Dongles?

The Dongle can be used by inserting the sim cards in its portal and plugging into the computer’s USB port. The dongle may get auto-installed and ask for the password. Once you finish the queries you will able to access your internet which also provides secure authorization of the software. In order to get great internet access one should choose a good mobile service provider that gives an optimum network signal for a hassle free access!

The dongle is basically used to provide the effective means of copy protection and helps in protecting the port from being used for another purpose! Later 3G dongle came into existence which serves as a portable device that attach USB port for the purpose of accessing 3G networks (WiMAX).

There are many varieties of data card dongle available for network operators. Anyhow I will give your general steps which will be more or less common for any kind of dongles.

How to set up internet data card dongle to your PC/Laptop:

Install internet data card dongle

  • First step is to check whether your PC/Laptop is installed with some other USB data card software, if found do uninstall it, to avoid mismatch. Be sure to check whether you WiFi is turned OFF.
  • Connect the USB data card to your system’s USB drive. The dongle will be like a plug-in device that gets automatically installed in its supported Operating System. (Don’t forget to check the compatibility of the Dongle while buying. It should match your device and it’s OS).
  • Installation package menu will appear where you can select your destination volume and continue the process.
  • Ensure your username and password to be authenticated and click “Install” button.
  • Once you finish installation make sure your data enable is switched ON and select the Finder à Mobile networks.
  • By choosing the Access Point option you will have to provide the information required such as Name, APN, Proxy, Port, Username, Password, and etc.
  • On the figure below you will know the APN settings for various Internet service providers in India.
  • Once you save it, you can find the internet signal on your PC/Laptop. This indicates that your internet access has been successfully enabled and you can start surfing!
Un-installation of the dongle software:

Un-installation of the dongle software

The un-installation process is very simple. But be sure that you have disconnected your internet connection. Then follow the simple step below:

  • You can reach your application program menu and choose Finderà Applications à Uninstall XXX Dongle connection manager to un-install the dongle software.

However some mobile operators offer dongles that can be operated only with their network sim. It requires a big process to unlock it in order to switch on to another network provider. But, there are some universal internet data card dongles that can be used with any sim.

Here is a list of universal 3G internet data card dongles:

  • Alcatel One Touch X220
  • Huawei E303C HiLink
  • Lava 730G
  • Beetel MF190

I hope you will find this information useful! Please do drop your comments that will help me to improve my writing.


“Author Bio: Jessica Pretty is an accomplished freelance writer and blogger. By profession, she is a computer support executive in Chiji Computers dealing with technical service of laptops and computers.”

How to Book IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Online – The Faster Approach

IRCTC Tatkal Booking

Train travel is one of the most cheapest and convenient modes of transportation in India and booking a Tatkal ticket is most of the time a challenging task. The IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation) has provided travellers with a convenient way of purchasing tickets via their website. Tatkal tickets are usually reserved for people with last minute travel emergencies but there are various issues that travellers come across when purchasing the tickets.

Here is a faster approach of buying a Tatkal ticket online.
  • Remember that the Tatkal online booking window opens one day in advance of your journey between 10 am and 12 pm. Therefore try to login at least 15 minutes before the time slot.
  • A person is allowed only 2 Tatkal tickets on a single user ID and if you require more than 2 you will need more IRCTC user ID’s.
  • Try to log in using multiple ID’s on a number of web browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Mozilla etc. Ask a friend to help if you cannot handle it alone.
  • Make sure that the IRCTC browser time and your times are in sync and you can check this beforehand through the time schedule.
  • Once you log in, remember to keep the session active at all times. This can avoid the error syntax “Session Expired” which usually causes delays and the difficulty of buying a ticket. To keep the session live and kicking, make sure that the screen doesn’t go to an idle mode for more than 3 minutes. This happens when you are busy looking for details.
  • Details that you will require include Credit/Debit Card details and valid ID proof such as your driving licence, passport, voter card etc.
  • After the successful logging into the IRCTC website, choose you starting point and destination.
  • When the lists of trains appear, you can immediately choose the train and ticket type – sleeper, 2-tier AC, 3-tier AC etc.
  • Enter the required details and the identity proof.
  • Once you are done with making the payment, wait till you are directed to the IRCTC page.
  • An important fact that you should know is that during Tatkal booking, the IRCTC website runs extremely slow. Therefore always make sure that you do not double click on anything. Do not hit backspace since it will log you off the site which will result in restarting the entire procedure.


One more alternative is the Autofill Tool which can be used on Chrome and Firefox. Using this extension you can visit the IRCTC website about half an hour before the bookings go live.

IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Online

A) Visit the usual Tatkal ticket booking page and fill in the required details.

B) Follow the normal booking procedure till you reach the payment options and stop.

C) The Autofill extension will make sure that your browser remembers these details so that you need not spend time filling in the details while booking the ticket.


Author’s Bio : Teresa Kent is a part time writer of many genres. She is a traveller who likes to get her own experiences and write articles. Currently she writes about  Flights from London to Bangkok and  IRCTC.

How Social Media Can Be Good For Your Piggy Bank

Social media is a tool that many businesspeople and webmasters question whether they should use or not. The reality is that social media is transforming the way that people do business. There are more than enough tools and services available to help all types of professionals. Learn about the different ways that you can use social media to increase your profits.



 1. Take Advantage of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a known occurrence that happens on popular video sites like YouTube. This happens when many people show interest in a video within a short period of time. Small businesses save money by relying on word of mouth. A fast, significant spread of information can occur on all types of social media sites.

 2. Blog It

Blogging is an ideal way to reach massive audiences. A serious blogger refreshes content and includes multimedia features. People interact with the blogger by leaving comments and messages. Using a blog is a way to rank a website high in the search engine results. Search engines want new, changing information. Increase profits by including ads next to a popular blog. To build a large customer base instantly, place an e commerce store next to the blog. Write posts that provide detailed product promotions.

3. Reach a Targeted Audience

Use social media to target certain audiences that are actually interested in your products or services. Social media targeting includes tools that find specific locations and activities. Use details to find the most interested groups. Ads are sent to people based on profiles and classifications.

4. Maintain a Constant Stream of Traffic

Social media sites like Facebook and MySpace will always have constant streams of incoming traffic. Even if you are on vacation, your business continues to gain attention. When you keep a constant stream of visitors, it becomes easier to find ways to increase traffic with ads, blogs, articles and backlinks. Once you lay down the foundation, the remaining work becomes less difficult.

The Internet is full of social media promotions, and people expect other people to be participants. All businesses should see the value of marketing on these sites that have millions of users.

To get attention, there is more work involved than just setting up a few pages. Companies have to interact with customers regularly. If they also monitor the results, they will receive more attention and consistent profits in return.

At this point in the social media game, to blog or not to blog is not even a question.


Why You Should Be On Google Plus?

Google+ is getting famous day by day. Number of new users made their account in Google+. According to the survey conducted last year it is found that every day near about sixty percent of the internet user’s login in the account. Now the question arise that how Google+ can be helpful in increasing the website rank and what are the benefits that the user can get from the Google+ . Google+ is very useful for the users and can help a lot in increasing the rank of the website. To give the +1 button in the website connect the websites with the social site and large traffic can be enjoyed by the websitegoogle-plus-600x3991

Advantages of using +1 in website

The search option when given in the website with +1 option then it automatically increases the rank of the website. The +1 button increases the look as well as rank of the website. It gives the real experience. Number of SEO benefits can be getting by the Google+. Website link sharing through the social networking sites now becomes easy and simple in which the Google+ play very important role and helps the owner to achieve the target role in very less time. Instead of using the simple social network it is highly recommend using the Google+ and number of outputs can be enjoyed by put very less affords. The brand name can made famous by the Google+ option. It increases the online presence and does the SEO its own. There are several ways of doing that.


Some of them are mentioned below:-
  • Popular your brand: – just sign in the Google+ business page ad create the account. It gives the user many goodies and the person is able to use many features. The users of the person product can directly find the website through the Google+ feature and the brand name of the product also gets popular. It gives the person opprotunity also to earn the extra money.


  • Use of good quality content:- if the good quality content is written in the website then the visibility of the website gets increased in the Google+ and it is very good SEO strategy as well .


  • Sharing of the link: – To share the website link on different websites is good and unique feature also. If it is done properly then better results can be get.


  • Put +1 in the website: – highlight the +1 button in the website so that maximum number of the users visits the website.


  • Add of videos: – Videos or images can be added in the website. These videos then share and all this promote the product and better results are assured.


Popularity of Google+


Google+ is getting very popular nowadays and many users join this network so it is very useful for the online business. The SEO benefits are also offered by the Google+. The Google+ made the website optimize as well as good rank can easily get. The Google + now totally converted into the social network where money can be earned and product can be promoted without any charges.