Make Your Data Storage Secure And Efficient – Top Benefits Of PDF Over JPEG Format

PDF files are one of the most implemented and trustworthy way of storing images. Without occupying an ample of space, they can easily be opened. If you are looking for the best way to store your data and protect it from any third party, then PDF files are just your thing!


Some interesting facts about PDF you didn’t know before!

Basically, JPEG format is typically used for photographic art, while the PDF is developed by Adobe and widely implemented document standard these days. It allows you to combine vector images, bitmaps, and scalable text to be easily combined in a single document.

Regardless of the enlargement, the text in PDF will look clear and sharp with even the tiny details clearly visible. However, this isn’t the case with JPEG. It is not desirable for images that contain unique colors and lines having small details.

Another thing that people often find difficult to decide is the format to use for the scanned documents. Well, the most recommended one is using PDF for the scanned docs. It also contains the metadata with the information about the document that will stay with it always. It allows easy portability to any of the hardware too. Plus, the web optimization feature allows downloads to be opened instantly!

The PDF is typically designed to accommodate today’s demanding and fast paced business world. Just a few clicks and you can easily send the document drafts and create e-versions of your documents in PDF within seconds!

PDF is cross platform and would appear the same on any of the device you use to view it. Moreover, with the latest optical character recognition technology, converting different types of documents like images captured by digital camera and PDF files into the searchable and editable data has become very easy.

Why you should choose PDF to store your data?

  • PDF document is a “read only” document that can’t be modified without leaving the electronic footprint. The PDF is economical and practical way of storing all your documents on the company’s server. On the other hand, file formats like JPEG, GIF, etc can easily be altered without any electronic footprint.
  • With the help of PDF, the organizations can put User-password or authentication security at document level. It allows them to mail the important documents between locations or people without worrying about any unauthorized access or any intruder on the network.
  • Another major benefit of using PDF files is that they can be viewed, retrieved, and printed with freeware software called Adobe Acrobat Reader. It can easily be installed on any network PC for free. The people outside your organization can also download it free over internet.
  • Sharing of documents become very easy with anyone inside or outside your organization with no extra charges involved.
  • Cross platform acceptability is also one of the major reasons behind the popularity of PDF format.

PDF documents can also be easily converted to any of the other formats. There are many reliable applications available online that can make your document conversion a lot easier!

How Do I Block A Website?

Would you like to be able to block all users of your system from accessing certain websites, regardless of the browser they choose to use? Well, it’s a relatively simple process that can be done by editing the Windows HOSTS file. This is just one of a number of different options you have available to you.

That said, check out the various methods I have outlined below, each method has its own pros and cons, so do choose wisely.

Block a Website in Windows

Note: When you use this method to block a website, the block will only apply to the computer you implement this method on. Any other computer, laptop or mobile phone that is connected to your network, will be able to access the previously blocked site.

It is possible for you to block a website within a Windows environment by editing the HOSTS file (as I have previously mentioned). To do this, simply do the following:

1. First you must boot into your computer with a user profile that has full administrative rights.
2. Then press Windows Key + R, type %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and click on OK.



Note: For Windows 95/98/ME users, the HOSTS file can be found in the following location: %WinDir%\hosts

3. An Open With dialog box should appear, simple select Notepad and click on OK.


4. Once the HOSTS file successfully opens, navigate to the bottom of the file, just below localhost, then type the following (replacing with the site you would like to block):


5. Then click on File -> Save and close the file.


Note: Access to the website will now be blocked on your system, on all internet browsers. When a user attempts to access the blocked site, they will be redirected to localhost instead.

Block a Website Using Software

Note: Just like with the first method, using software to block a website will only block access to website on the system that has the installed software. All other systems on the network will still be able to access the blocked site.

That said; you can block a website by using a filter or <a href=””>software firewall</a>. Most internet security suites will come with a firewall as part of the bundle or at least give you the option to access one, AVG and ZoneAlarm being two good examples.

Software filtering is another option, which you should be able to acquire from the same developers that make internet security software. Configuring these applications varies depending on the brand and version, so check the application manual for further information.

Internet Browser Blocks

Blocking a website on a browser is probably the easiest way of doing it, but certainly not the most efficient, since the user need only change browser to access the blocked website.

That said, in order to block a site on Google Chrome, I’d recommend you downloaded and installed Block Site.

1. Once you have installed the plug-in, simple click on the top-right Options Icon, and then click on Settings.


2. This will take you to Chrome Settings, from here, click on Extensions, then click on Options under Block Site.


3. To block a website, simply put in a URL, and then click on Add page, under List of blocked sites.


Note: It’s also possible for you to block access to websites based on certain keywords. Which can prove to be a more efficient way of blocking websites, with the downside of it being a little too gung-ho at times, but that depends on the keywords you specify.

Time blocks is another cool feature of this tool, most ideal for those that would like to restrict access to certain websites during a period when they know someone other than themselves will be using the computer, such as children or a parent etc.

That said, when it comes to other browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari, the same rules apply, simply download this plug-in (Block Site) and restrict access to the websites of your choice.


Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website; find solutions to a plethora of computer problems on his site at Compuchenna.

Learn to Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

There is no need to introduce the error which states ‘error establishing a database connection in WordPress’. All of us will be getting this error and if the same problem occurs which you are working on your WordPress website, then you can fix this easily in less time. Just follow this complete process and you can avoid the problem and here are some solutions which you can follow and need not just bother about this problem at any time.

How to Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

Reasons for this Error:

There might be a lot of reasons which you do not understand when the error states couldn’t connected to database. The list of the reasons include wrong login credentials or even when these details are changed you get the same error. When the database server is not responding, you will be facing the same problem. But most of the people agree that this error is mainly because of the server problem.

Does the problem occur for /wp-admin/ as well?

Check whether you are getting the same error in the front end and as well in the back end of the website. If the same error is shown at both ends, then you can skip this step. On the other hand if you get an error stating that ‘the database tables has to repaired’ then its time for you to repair the database.

Doing this is very easy and you just have to include the line

define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true)

After adding this check with the settings here:

You can now check out the corrupted database without logging in. All you need to do is just ensure that you are removing this from the wp-config.php.

Why to Check the WP-Config file

If the same problem persists, then all that you need to is to check the WP-Config file which is important. Here you will be including the details of the database to connect it with the WordPress. Every time you chance the database password or the root password, one should change this file also. So make sure to check the wp-config.php whether this is same or not.

How to Check your Web Host (MySQL Server):

The experts often say that you get this error stating ‘Error establishing database connection’ especially when you are having problems with the server. It is when the server can’t handle the load, or when there is lot of traffic, then these situations will be faced. In this scenario, you have to know from the host provider whether the My SQL server is responding or not.

If you just want to know whether this server is responding or not by yourself then you can check for other sites whether they are working or not. When you are not able to find out whether the sites which you have opened are on the same server, then go to cpanel. Here you can connect the database with the phpMyAdmin and then find out how the things are working.

If this is getting connected to database, it is time for you to check for the user’s permission to the database. Here you have to properly place the username and password, it is by using these credentials, if the user gets connected, then he has permission and you need to check for other aspects.

Other Solutions:

All the below described solutions are provided by others but before you think of trying them, ensure that you are having proper backup for the database.

  • When you get the same error even after repairing the data base. You have check for the URL of the site. For this you need to go to the phpMyAdmin and here you can replace the existing URL to the actual one.
  • There are even who have successfully connected to the testconnection.php with the wp-config.php. But here one should change the wp-config.php user to the root ones. By doing this, the database started working and so they have again changed it to the data base user.
  • One can even try by removing the contents of the plugins that are active in the wp_options table. Make changes to the recently edited ones. This will fix the problem.
  • While others have just loaded the fresh copy of the URL and this didn’t show up with any sort of problems.


All these are the simple and useful solutions which are helpful to solve the problem. You can try these and if you have found something interesting and easy choices to fix this error. Do inform us with your helpful comments to everyone.


Author Bio:-

Reegan is a renowned WordPress developer by profession and currently working with WordPress Development Projects. In case, your looking for any WP Website then it is better to Hire PSD to WordPress Developer who can serve you the desire Services


Online Content Sharing: Security Considerations

The increasing move towards a remote workforce and fast uptake of smart phone devices shifted how users are accessing and communicating data. Typically, a knowledge worker today, has more than two endpoint devices– basically mobile phone, workstation/laptop and a tablet. All these devices are usually synced in order to be used for business, thus creating the need to access documents and data from any device, at any time and at any place.

A growing number of users have solved the issue of activation on their own in a trend that is known as “Shadow IT”, wherein users subscribe to free and easily available cloud-based applications, and file sharing services without obtaining the decision of the organisation’s IT department. A recent research conducted to understand the perception of the IT department on how widespread the issue is, revealed that Shadow IT was a highly pervasive problem. An overwhelming 75% of IT managers were aware and believed that knowledge workers had access to business information in their own personal file sharing folders.

Risk factors

The risk behind knowledge workers storing business information and personal accounts is that the organisation has no idea about the kind of information being stored in personal accounts or which unauthorised individual has access to that information. In addition, when a knowledge worker leaves the organisation, the information in that personal account goes with him. This is why organisations are looking to deploy online file sharing and collaboration systems (OFS) to offer their workers the access to information and collaboration capabilities that they require, while at same time providing the information technology department the visibility and control it needs to protect organisational data.


In spite of the many benefits of implementing OFS solutions, there are still a number of hurdles, with data securitybeing the topmost priority. The problem does not centre on security concerns for new deployments; rather it focuses more on the security challenges experienced after deploying OFS solutions, such as monitoring and enforcing guidelines, integrating the solution with existing systems and organisational tools and the lack of administrative audit and controls.

The biggest security concerns for any organisation that has implemented OFS solutions, plans to or even interested in considering the solution is usually related to information loss or data security breaches. However, the dangers of exposure to any data security problems, including document content loss is dependent on a number of elements—for public, private, hybrid cloud system—such as best practices in enforcing security by the service provider; security of encryption keys and there storage; and how and where important information is stored on the cloud.

When considering cloud implementation, IT experts must look into the pros and cons of each cloud approach. There are security considerations, control issues, and trade-offs in performance in all approaches.

Public cloud file sharing

In a public cloud deployment, the cloud provider offers maintenance, administration, equipment procurement and data security. The organisation that stores the data in the public cloud file sharing service is responsible for account and user administration.

Some of the advantages of using public cloud file sharing include:
  • The public cloud service provider takes into account all connected costs, such as hardware and software maintenance, infrastructure and staffing
  • The service provider assumes responsibility for the availability of information stored online, backup of files and disaster recovery
  • Implementing and configuring a public account on the cloud is simple and relatively easy to use
Some of the disadvantages include:
  • The organisation is completely dependent on the service provider for document and file security
  • As knowledge workers wait for documents to be uploaded or downloaded, performance might be degraded
  • Depending on the cloud service provider’s terms, file sizes may be limited
  • The organisation is completely dependent on the service provider for a quick response time to unforeseen breakdowns
Hybrid cloud services

In a hybrid cloud service deployment, the service provider supplies some equipment, while the organisation or the knowledge worker also procures internal elements. Both the parties share management responsibilities for the equipment, although the hybrid cloud provider basically absorbs the impact of the work. Administration and maintenance of the application is the responsibility of the hybrid service provider while the administration of the account and the user is the enterprise’s responsibility.

Some advantages of hybrid cloud services include:
  • Local caching helps in mitigating latency issues
  • Greater local capacity helps the enterprise in storing large file sizes
  • Key security controls can be locally maintained by the enterprise
  • The enterprise can easily monitor what information gets uploaded to the cloud and what information stays within the organisation
  • The organisation has the option of relying on the service provider for backup of files and disaster recovery concerning the kind of content stored on the hybrid cloud
Some of the disadvantages include:
  • The organisation has to bear a certain amount of costs associated to storing files onto the hybrid cloud
  • Maintaining and deploying data files onto the hybrid cloud are far more complex to configure and implement
  • There might be data integrity hurdles when applications access information from both locations thus leading to synchronisation issues
Private cloud services

In a private cloud server, the organisation is wholly responsible for all kinds of functions, operations, and maintenance and equipment procurement. Private cloud services may be delivered as a system in which the service provider offers compute cycles, also known as control plane in the cloud, while all information and documents remain in-house. Under such a scenario, the software is often authorised based on a subscription model, while the service provider offers maintenance and administration on the application, whereas the organisation takes charge of account and user administration.

Some advantages of using a private cloud include:
  • Latency concerns are completely eliminated as local file sharing is used
  • There is no limit on file sizes
  • The organisation controls key security factors locally and can incorporate with in-house security procedures
  • Information stays behind the organisational firewall
  • The organisation is accountable and held responsible for all policies and processes involving data protection of the private cloud
Disadvantages of private cloud include:
  • The organisation is responsible for all costs of setting up the private cloud
  • It is extremely complex to maintain and provide the implementation and configuration of the private cloud

Ultimately, no matter how hard one tries, ensuring a 100% secure IT environment, irrespective of how well-established or disciplined the service provider or the IT organisation is, it is an almost-impossible task to achieve. It is important that organisations perform due diligence and ask the right questions when choosing the right service provider for their respective requirements.

Tips to become a better front-end web developer

On the web, pages and developing applications are done by front end developers. Front end development is also termed as client-side development, it is little complicated because to be a front end developer, you need to be aware about web design, HTML, and coding.


Here some tips to develop your front end developing,

Plan your projects properly

Many of the people done this common mistake , even experienced developers also they don’t want to be plan or simulate, just directly enter to the project and start to work.

People thought planning is irritating and it takes some other time to start a project. That’s why no one is preferred for that but this is the major issue for every work.

Tools like Trello, Write maps, Workflow y, are used to plan your work properly, planning is mandatory for your successful completion of project.

If you planned properly while starting the work, it may reduce your stress and create a great environment for your work.

Clean unwanted files and coding in your system, maintain the files which are pertaining to your project only because while working in a messy environment will leads to lot of errors.

While maintaining your day to day works, it will create a more space to complete your project in a simple manner.

Be Active

Active participation will improve your project as well as yourself automatically; the other most important factor is time management.

While doing some work in a most enthusiastic manner, you can get better results, share your knowledge among your team and report your works regularly.

The main reason for be proactive is you will be more professional and it will makes an enough trust on your work.

Just use remainders, calendars to make your work completion and responsibilities regarding your work.


This is the thing which will be happen while your showing great interest in your project, you need to be much curious to know new things and trends.

It will be helpful for you and it will reduce your work burden in to great environment.

Because the front end development field is very fast moving field, so knowing about new trend is must to survive in your career.

While reading some magazines and articles regarding to your development field you can obtain enough knowledge.

Most probably know about your tools and applications regarding to the front end developing, in future it will be helpful for your developing as well as career.

While improving curiosity, it automatically raises self development.

If you have a doubt or regarding to your project don’t hesitate or postpone that to ask, clarify that immediately.

Stay on with social media’s, because from that also you can learn new things regarding your project.

Don’t nod your head for everything

While your boss or clients are demand for something, first just analyze that whether it will work out or not.

Before analyzing, if you say yes, and causes of some issues you could not able to complete that project, will creates a bad impression on you.

Highlight your project difficulties and find a way to clear that in a short span, nothing is wrong in ask guidance to your senior.

Don’t be afraid about the completion; just starts your works in a relaxed manner.

Don’t say no to everything

Conflict to the earlier point, but this is also important while learning new things. By saying no for learning, you just dumped yourself in a old things and don’t want to develop your career as well as project.

In this front end developing field there is nothing is going to be remains firm, lot of new things will comes for every instant of seconds.

The thing is seeking a strange things will increase your enthusiasm and self confidence. It stimulates you to explore new things again and again.

Find a guide

Nevertheless you shows too much enthuse to learn new things, if you don’t have a proper source for that, it is very hectic to analyze.

So you just choose your mentor and learn from them, if you are having mentor-ship program utilize that properly, otherwise you may look on the internet.

Good guide will supports you to get a fine knowledge about your project, and they will shares their experience with you.

Be aware about your health

Working in an IT field is little hectic, so be active while free from your works.

Healthy mind and body is most important for your healthy work. So don’t confuse your personal work with project.

Be aware about your health issues; don’t change your regular activities do some physical activities to boost up your mind.

Latest Trends Which Promise to Change Mobile Apps Forever

App developers always seem to have something new up their sleeves on offer for app users. New platforms, newer devices and improvements in technology continue to expand the horizons for modern mobile apps. The year 2015 has just begun with a lot of promise and newer trends which shall keep unfolding as the year progresses on. These new trends do not merely promise changes in apps alone but also promise to change the way users will use their apps. A few such trends to watch out for are:

  1. The Apple watch influence

    The Apple watch has brought about a new trend of wearable devices. The Apple watch was preceded by Android watches which were moderately successful. But however the Apple watch seems to have taken the world with a storm. A rage seems to be catching on for wearable devices, which are not mere timepieces. An Apple watch has a lot of other features to offer its users. It has a heart rate monitor, internet, fitness monitor etc. It offers connectivity via iPhone and even the space for installing and using apps on it. The focus of app developers will now shift from the smart phones to smart watches. Now apps will be created in order to work on both the iPhone and the Apple watch.Mobile Apps

  2. Rise in mobile payment options

    Even Starbucks has now embraced the mobile payment concept. The number of mobile internet users far outnumbers the desktop internet users today, thus fuelling the need for more mobile payment options in apps. Payment options like the Google wallet and Apple pay are being widely used in mobile applications. What makes these mobile payment options more appealing is that you do not require a credit or a debit card for paying online.

  3. Syncing between devices

    It is now a common phenomenon for users to carry and own more than one mobile device. Syncing and using the data inter between two such devices becomes necessary for users. The future of mobile apps will ensure more such inter-device syncing options. Sharing and transferring important data like contacts between two devices becomes absolutely essential for users. An app can also be opened and shared across two devices by syncing for a complete user experience and comfort.

  4. The (IoT) Internet of Things concept

    This is a new concept which started around the year 1999. It is a concept which promises a lot of versatility in mobile apps in the future. The IoT concept has a lot of potential to trigger and control remote devices with the help of mobile phone applications. The target users of apps which use IoT could be govt. Departments, home users and even entrepreneurs. Managing and controlling devices remotely via a smart phone will surely make life easier for users.

  5. In-app advertising

    In app advertising is on the rise for promoting business as well as app marketing. Since Android is the market leader with a 60% smart phone market share and is also open source, in-app advertising remains the only possible source of revenue generation. Research shows that in-app advertising spending will cross the US$ 7 billion mark in 2015. In-app advertisers are now targeting users based on geographical locations to advertise local ads for more benefits.

The future looks promising for mobile apps with more and more innovations coming into apps every day. Mobile phone applications offer a wide range of benefits to users who use them for buying almost anything, almost anywhere and regardless of time constraints. Mobile apps are an essential part of everyone’s life now and the comfort levels which they offer are un-paralleled and un-matched.

Author Bio: Macy Jones is App developmentconsultant based in Melbourne, Australia. She has an incredible knowledge about mobile apps and often posts blogs related to mobile.

How Knowledge Base Software Helps Organizations Address Knowledge Management Challenges

In today’s knowledge economy, implementing effective knowledge management (KM) is one of the most impactful things organizations can do to ensure their success and future growth. But KM is not without its challenges. In fact, it often involves not just implementing new procedu            res and a new software system, but also a culture change.


Here are seven of the top KM challenges today and how knowledge base software helps organizations address them.

Employees lack the motivation to participate.

For any KM strategy to be successful, there must be buy-in from the entire organization, from the front-line staff to managers and executives. This requires creating a culture in which learning and knowledge sharing are embraced and encouraged. Knowledge base software assists in the achievement of this goal by making it easy for employees to share knowledge and providing ways for top contributors to be recognized for their efforts.

A lot of information exists, but it isn’t actionable.

Data and information are just that until they become actionable, which means that they can be used. Knowledge base software provides an organizational structure for knowledge resources so that employees can find the information they are looking for when they have questions and problems.

The information is siloed in different departments.

Siloed information is an all too frequent occurrence in many organizations. This situation is harmful in a couple of ways. First, it means that people who might need certain resources don’t have access to them. Second, it leads to inefficiencies, for example, when efforts must be duplicated. Knowledge management software allows resources to be easily shared across an entire organization, while still being password-protected for security when necessary.

The information quickly becomes outdated.

Many industries are currently experiencing an unprecedented pace of change. By the time you learn something, it is already on its way to becoming outdated. This is part of the reason knowledge bases are so essential—most organizations simply can’t provide enough training to keep up. Knowledge base software helps employees stay current by making it easy to create, update, and share knowledge resources.

The information is incorrect.

Another major challenge is that while employees may possess a great deal of information, not all of that information is correct. Knowledge base software can help managers identify where their employees’ knowledge may be lacking, so they can take corrective action. In addition, content rating systems allow employees to identify the best and most relevant resources when they search the knowledge base.

The technology is complicated.

Knowledge management applications, like other enterprise software packages, are often not as user-friendly as they should be. When learning to use a system is overly complicated, the result is that people choose not to use the system at all. Specialized knowledge base software is easy to use and requires very little training, so employees can start using it and seeing its benefits immediately.

Knowledge management is not integrated into other processes.

Knowledge management is not a goal on its own: it is a process that supports an organization’s strategic objectives. As such, it needs to be part of, not separate from, what happens in the company on a daily basis. Knowledge base software that can be integrated with other enterprise software systems facilitates the connection between knowledge sharing and other business activities.

With big data and with knowledge coming into an organization from many different directions (for example, social media), effective knowledge management is only becoming more essential. Knowledge base software provides a simple-to-learn, easy-to-use tool that organizations can use to create, organize, distribute, and understand their knowledge resources. Learn more about how a knowledge base application can benefit your company today.


Author Bio

David Miller is an educational researcher who has vast experience in the field of teaching, Online testing and training. He is associated with prestigious universities and many leading educational research organizations. He’s also an ed-tech veteran, currently pursuing research in new Knowledge base software and contributing author with ProProfs.