Top 10 Reasons to Own an iPhone 6

It was almost a year when rumors about the iPhone 6 spread and for iPhone users out there are really that excited and has been waiting for the big day for it to be revealed. Seems like the long wait is over iPhone fanatics out there, mark all your calendars and reserve the first week of September since the exact date tend to be not that sure, iPhone 6 will be unveiled. Expect the long lines at almost every Apple store in different places.

iPhone 6

Almost every year that Apple is introducing new member of the family or at a much better explanation Apple upgrade their iPhone for their users satisfaction. But this year it will definitely a big and different from the past iPhone that has been revealed. For the past years, it was obvious that the only upgrade that happened was in terms of the internal specs and nothing on it’s form well an exemption for the iPhone 5 version in that case.


Now if you are not that an iPhone user, but simply tempted to try or eventually own it. Here are some of the reasons why you should start loving the new iPhone 6.


1. Say Hello To It’s Two Screen Size Offer –

it’s really a first and definitely the most awaited change that happened to an iPhone. They were able to maintain that 4-inches plus screen size, but never ventured into a 5-inches size, unlike some of it’s competitors that are really boasting those massive screen sizes for a phone. The rumors about the new iPhone 6 is is bigger and there will be an option for a 4.7 inches or the 5.5 inches considered to target the phablet market.


2. You Never Go Wrong With Its Camera Features –

one of the reasons why most people love iPhone its because of the good quality of camera that it offers.  Simply the best but now it will be upgraded into a bigger sensor and better optics rumored to be upgraded from 8-megapixel to more or less 13-megapixel. Since at some point iPhone can really deliver a good quality picture whenever and whenever you might be.


3. Keeping The Elegance Through Color –

black, gold, and white can be one of the popular colors that the iPhone can offer despite the iPhone 5c offers a lot of color to choose from. Still the elegance that iPhone would like to maintain is still there.


4. Be More Secured Through TouchId –

the fingerprint sensor that want to add security features to the iPhone 5s will definitely be back to the iPhone 6 and expect that it will be better that the former version. Nothing to worry about your phone when there is TouchID that certainly be also a security success that can go along with the top-end technology.


5. A Faster Processor Is An Answered Prayer –

Apple will make sure to settle only for the best processor and expect that a faster than previous model processor will be used for iPhone 6. So users will not worry about any backlogs when using the phone.


6. Faster Wi-Fi Connection Anytime, Anywhere –

just like some of the competitors of Apple, that venture in improving their WiFi, and of course it is one of the features that Apple will not miss. The latest WiFi service can certainly be expected and it gives assurance that it faster than the usual one.


7. Expect For It To Be More On Metal Features –

this will be one of the reason on why iPhone 6 is really worthy enough to own. As Apple will use a Liquidmetal alloys in order to improve the use of sensors in mobile devices. The good things about it is that Apple planned those sensors to be health-related and will work with HealthKit. Now for those who are into a healthy lifestyle, the iPhone 6 will be one of the best.


8. Scratch Resistant Sapphire Display  –

everyone user dreams to have that phone that will guarantee them that the screen will be protected from any scratches. It’s possible with the iPhone 6. This is considered to be the central feature of the new device.


9. Students and Even Employees Will Love It  –

many can be biased that when choosing Apple, the fact that it is believed to be user-friendly and that convenient for school purposes since there are some students who are doing their assignments and research through their phone. Also for some employees and businessmen who really rely on their phones when it comes to dealing with some meetings.


10. It Is Pricey, But Certainly You Can Afford It –

yes, iPhone 6 will never go cheap as well as other Apple products so owning an iPhone can really be a good investment after all.


Once the iPhone 6 heads the spotlight a lot of features will be unveiled that can help convince more people to own one. There can be no doubt that iPhone 6 will be a total package that everyone will look forward.


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Samsung Galaxy S6– It’s here to stay

Samsung has lured in a large percentage of consumers by offering feature rich smartphone at affordable price tag. Samsung has established itself as one of the most reputed mobile companies in the market. Despite high-end features, GALAXY S6 is expected to be available at whopping price. The new Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with a high-end camera of 20 megapixels, which will be capable of taking high quality pictures.  There are also rumors according to tech gurus that the new version of Samsung Galaxy S 6 will host 4K resolution screen which will be a first for any smartphone in the world. The device also hosts a front camera for video calling.


Expect it to be loaded with wide array of mind blowing features

Samsung Galaxy S6 has dominated the smartphone segment since the launch since the device is quite aggressively priced considering the features and performance on offer.  The device is expected to host 5.5 to 5.9-inch ultra large screen, which will have the capability to play HD videos with ease. If you are an avid game lover then this device will be perfect option for you. You can also play high definition content seamlessly on your phone. With expected 4k resolution, it will surely catch your attention since it will one of its kind when it launches in the market. It also hosts a powerful processor and 4 gigabytes of internal memory. The phone is expected to run on the latest version of android OS and will feature 2nd generation LTE and wireless connectivity. The new android operating system is expected to come with an inbuilt task manager so that you can manage the running applications. Samsung has also customized the stock android operating system so that the users OCTA core with multi-threading processing unit that can handle multiple applications without any hassles. The RAM is expected to be notched up to 4 gigabyte making it one of the most powerful devices in the market. The screen size will be around 6 inch and hosts features like ULTRA AMOLED and capacitive touch.

Expect great deals and free gifts when you purchase online

GALAXY S6 is expected to come with loads of free gifts is available on O2 (for all countries) which may include $165 cash back and Sony PS3. The starting monthly rental to avail this deal is just 28 pounds. The customers enjoy 400 minutes of calling to any network with unlimited texts. O2 unlimited at 26 pounds starts at monthly rental of 36 pounds which includes Samsung digital camera and handset free of cost. This plan offers a talk time of 600 minutes to any network in and unlimited texts. The customers are also expected to get 750 megabytes of data usage with this plan.  These mouthwatering plans are making the wait for upcoming Galaxy S6 even more enticing. Most telecom service providers have already started teasing the customers by telling about expected gifts with 12 or 24 months contracts.  These plans as of now are limited to USA and UK only but will soon be available at other countries.

Plans and contracts expected from telecom companies for Galaxy S-6

The device has not been launched in the market but major telecom service provides like O2, Vodafone, AT&T and T-Mobile have started rolling out expected plans for the upcoming Galaxy S6.Samsung Galaxy S6 on AT&T and T-Mobile is expected to fetch you with some high end free gifts like laptops, tablets and digital camera. Essential 300 plans from 3 mobile will be offering a calling value of 300 minutes and 5000 text messages. You will also get 250 megabytes of data usage with this plan. If you opt for 24 month line rental plan, 3 mobile will offer cash back of more than 300 pounds during the course of contract period. The effective rental of this plan is just 21.25 pounds making it one of the best deals on Samsung Galaxy S6. Most of these plans will be exclusive for Samsung Galaxy S-6 when it launches later this year. However, there is no confirmation from Samsung or Telecom companies about the exact date of launch. The ESSENTIAL YOU plan from Vodafone will be launched for the upcoming Galaxy S6. It is expected to start at just 23 pound monthly rental. With this plan, the customers will be able enjoy UNLIMITED calling and 5000 text messages to any network. This plan also features 250 MB data and hair straighter as free gift. You also get the device free of cost with this plan. Ultimate plan from 3 offer will I pod shuffle as free gift with Samsung Galaxy S-6. Besides this, you may also get the handset free.

Well-crafted display and design with high end customization

The upcoming Galaxy S6 is expected to be made of either polycarbonate body or full metal body. Just like its predecessor, the new Galaxy flagship device is expected to be dust and waterproof. However, we do not have any confirmation whether it will also come with a scratch resistant body. Expect Galaxy S6 to come with the latest version of Android operating system which could be either LICORINE or Android ONE since this operating system are expected to go live along with this device. The design may also features smooth as well as non-linear bezel, which will give it a perfect final addition.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be powered by a 3200mAH lithium ion battery, which will provide sufficient back up even under heavy usage. The device is expected to offer a talk time of more than 48 hours in 2G mode and 36 hours in 4G or LTE mode. It is also expected that Samsung will make this device highly customization for music lovers which means you can access to online and offline music charts and playlists on the go. It will be able to play videos of both 2K and 4K resolution seamlessly. In terms of performance and battery life, it is expected to be one of the most powerful devices in the market when it launches next year.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to come with 64 gigabyte of internal storage, which can be expanded, to 164 gigabytes via external card. It internal memory will be ample enough to for all high end applications and games. Therefore, if you are looking to make the most out of your smartphone experience without spending loads of money then Samsung Galaxy S6 will the perfect option for you.  These features will lure anyone instantly and this is the reason why most of us are eagerly waiting for Samsung Galaxy S-6 to be launched this year only.


Sanjay Kumar Negi is an entrepreneur and writer, who write for TechGreet and

Samsung Galaxy S5 – comes with a brilliant 16MP ISOCELL world’s fastest auto focus speed

At the mobile world congress, Samsung showcased their much awaited Samsung Galaxy S5. While it isn’t something very fresh, they loaded it with some new features. They have added a fingerprint scanner. We recently saw Apple put a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S and HTC do the same on HTC One max. They have integrated the fingerprint scanner in the physical home key. There is a new sensor to measure the heart rate. The sensor is placed near the camera flash.

There is no metal body or a 2K display as expected. They have also made some more changes to this device in terms of software as well. The TouchWiz UI has been refreshed. They have also added some new applications and made some changes to system functions as well. They have improved the camera on this device. They have increased the resolution and made some software tweaks as well. Let’s take a closer look at this device.



For their design, they used their very popular design technique. Copier we call it. It looks like the Galaxy S4 which in turn looked similar to the S3. The device has got a 5.1 inch display against the 5 inch display on S4. The dimensions have increased by a few mm to house the extra display size. The device is available in multiple colours: black, white, copper and bright blue. It was rumoured that Samsung is going to use metal in making the Galaxy S5 but sadly that didn’t happen. It was also being said that the physical home key will be dropped but that didn’t happen either. They have changed the pattern and feel of the back panel. Instead of the usual plastic feel back panel, they have gone for a soft rubberised back. The device is waterproof and dustproof but the back panel is removable.



The device has got an AMOLED display that measures 5.1 inches. It was supposed to be a 2K display according to the rumoured specs but it has the same 1080p resolution. Pixel density has dropped a bit due to the slight increase in size as compared to the Galaxy S4. The display appears to be brighter and crisp in contrast to what the numbers suggest. Being an AMOLED display, you get very well saturated colours and great contrast ratio.


The device runs Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset with a quad core processor. The maximum clock speed at which the processor can run is 2.5 GHz. The graphics are processed by an Adreno 330 GPU. It can handle really high end graphics and supports a wide array of video codecs. While most high end devices now have got 3 GB of RAM, they have decided to stick to 2 GB and that is more than plenty. Even if you are running a lot of applications in parallel, you would not run of free memory. You can choose from 16 or 32 GB of storage options. There is a micro SD slot as well which supports up to 128 GB of storage.

For connectivity, it doesn’t miss out on anything. While Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC are pretty standard, they have gone for USB 3.0 on this device like the Note 3. This would make transfer of large amount of data easy. There have been two additions as we already said. The heart rate sensor is placed near the camera flash and the fingerprint sensor integrated into the home key. The job of putting the fingerprint sensor hasn’t been executed well because you first need to bring the device out of sleep by pressing the key and then scan it to unlock. It isn’t as smooth as iPhone. The scanner works fine though.



We never had many complaints against Samsung cameras. This device has got a 16 megapixel primary shooter. The best part about this camera is its phase detection autofocus. This feature is found in many high end cameras but it is the first time this technology has been incorporated in a mobile device. The camera focuses insanely fast as compared to the competition. The split autofocus feature allows you to focus quickly, just in 0.3 seconds. This means that even your random shots won’t be out of focus and it is less likely that you would miss a shot then.

The camera can record videos in 2160p at 30 fps. If you want to record slow motion videos, you can switch to 1080 for 60 fps video recording and to 720 p for video recording at 120 fps.

Software/ interface


The device runs latest version of android at Kit Kat 4.4.2. The interface has been modified like on other Samsung devices. Thankfully they decided to work on the Touch Wiz UI and this time the improvements do show. It now feels flat or plain as compared to the previous version. The quick shortcut toggles are circular. They have made other changes around the device UI and it does show. The settings have been completely redesigned. They have added something called ‘My Magazine’. It allows you to login into multiple accounts and then display the information. There is an option in settings from where you can configure the gestures and motion controls.

They have changed the button layout that you are used to see on Samsung devices. While the common arrangement is in the order of menu key, home and back. Instead of the menu key, now they have placed recent apps. The order of keys might be troublesome from people who have been used to the back key on left.


While this device didn’t come with everything that we expected, it wasn’t a disappointment either. The camera on this device is pretty good and very fast. We won’t suggest this device to someone who has got some high end device already. It isn’t bringing much to the equation. The device is potent no doubt but it needs to be much more than that.


Clean up your contacts lists

Nowadays, Internet and the social networks play an important role in our business and private matters. Getting in touch with friends and business partners at the other side of the globe is now easier than ever. Although the new ways of communication are subject to fierce arguments and discussions, the truth is that they are here to stay. We share thoughts, ideas, information via more or less widespread social networks and the society is so used to them that we made the habit of checking our Facebook profile and email on regular basis even if we are well aware that there’s nothing interesting going on there.

Clean up your contacts lists

According to a recent survey, a lot of people admit it to being obsessed with the Internet communication and they feel like they wouldn’t manage without visiting their favourite websites a couple of times a day.

As a matter of fact, there is nothing wrong with a nice chat with an old friend or receiving an important document via e–mail instead of waiting a few days but there comes time when you have to do some clean–up and get rid of all the unnecessary hassle your virtual communicating brings about.

Along with the correspondence you expect, you probably get tons of junk mail and different kinds of “Last Minute Offers” every day. All of a sudden you realise that your mail box is full and most space is taken by spam mails. Get rid of them shortly. Take your time and separate the important from the unimportant emails and delete those you don’t need. Once you deal with the clutter, you will be amazed how easily you are going to find the letters you need.

Admittedly, Facebook has gained a considerable popularity in the recent years and now it is though to be the most prosperous social network with thousands of users. Although it’s main feature is “connecting people”, its interference in our private lives can sometimes be really excessive. Of course, it depends on you what information to share with your friends but why don’t you “clean” your friends list from intruders and people you no longer keep in touch with?  As soon as you perform the clean up, take advantage of the security measures and make your posts visible to your friends only. Don’t hesitate to grab the opportunity to start fresh and appreciate those who are really important to you.

Let’s have a talk about the mess you have created in the contacts list on your phone. As you are scrolling down you see three contacts named “Taxi”, at least twenty duplicated ones and phone numbers of people you are never going to meet again or you are unsure if these numbers are still actual. The same rule applies here – clean your phone from unnecessary data. Not only will you save space and make your phone works faster but you will also find a desired contact much easier. In case you have a smart phone, you have probably heard of those applications that help you sync your contacts. So check the reviews and comments before downloading, choose the most suitable app for your operating system and personalise your phone once and forever.

Needless to say, the modern technologies are a huge help in our daily routine but don’t let them conquer your life. At the end of the day, there are hundreds of forms of communication in the virtual reality but nothing compares to spending some time outdoors with your friends and family. Doing those “clean ups” on regular basis will make you more organised and mindful about what information do you share and, to be more precise, who do you share it with. You should be well aware of both – the dangers and the benefits Internet may cause. Being careful is always recommended, you will feel safer and the time for finding some vital information in your phone or mailbox will be significantly reduced.

Author Bio: Rose is passionate about everything related to technology- hardware, software and Internet. When she is not at work at Top Domestic Cleaners she is reading the latest news from the technological field.

Unlock HTC One Mini

Life without Smartphones is just as hard as it is without beer on a hot Sunday! Smartphones are the best companions for all times – you may be alone, bored or travelling! Contrary to voice calling, text messaging, FM listening and a little more in traditional phones, there is a lot more you can do with Smartphones.


Smartphones have changed the entire communication model. They’ve allowed people to share updates and photos, send emails, make video calls, navigate social networking websites etc. With a high-end Smartphone, you can accomplish most of your tasks on the move, which you would have otherwise done through a laptop or computer.

Whenever we purchase a Smartphone, it is important that we unlock it.

‘Unlocking is the process of freeing up your phone for use with any SIM worldwide. An originally purchased phone is usually locked for use with a specific connection. To be able to use it on any network connection, it is important that we get it unlocked.’


HTC, a popular Smartphone brand, has launched over 60 Smartphone and tablet models. One of its recent introductions – the HTC One Mini was released in August 2013. With an Android operating system, the touch-screen phone supports features like GPRS, Wi-Fi connectivity and social networking integration.

How to unlock HTC One Mini?

Unlocking is simple and quick! You can instantly do it online via a reputed third party agency. These agencies ask for your phone details and send the unlock code within a few minutes on your email ID. In order to receive an unlock code for your HTC One Mini; you need to place an online order for a 16-digit unlock code from While placing the order you need to mention your phone’s IMEI number and current network connection.

  • IMEI number is obtained by dialing *#06# from your keypad.
  • Mention the network connection you currently use. Do not specify the one that you intend to use.

Once you provide your IMEI number, current network connection and email ID and make the payment – you’d receive the unlock code on your email ID. Now you just need to change the phone’s SIM to the one you want to use and when it asks for an unlock code – enter the one you’ve got on your email ID.

While placing the order you need to keep in mind a few things:

  • Check for the number of attempts left for entering the unlock code. Do not place the order in case ‘zero’ attempts are left.
  • Recheck the IMEI number carefully before submitting the order.

With all that information handy, don’t you think unlocking is real quick and easy? If you still have any apprehensions, read the below facts:

*  Unlocking is 100% genuine

* Unlocking process is quick and simple

*  Unlocking is a onetime process

*  Unlock code is received instantly

*  There is 100% money back assurance if phone is not unlocked

*  Unlocking allows you to use all voice and data features

Why should you unlock your HTC One Mini?

Unlocking is important primarily because it frees you for a lifetime to use services from any network provider. While you’re travelling abroad, an unlocked phone saves your huge roaming charges because you’d be able to use a network service of that country. Unlocked phones also have a higher resale value. So it is best that you request for an unlock code right now!

5 Online Backup Services for your Android Phone

Advancements in technology have enabled us to pack virtually anything into our smartphones and rely on them the way we used to rely on our PCs. Yet there is a major difference between the two and it refers to security of the data we store on it. Unlike desktop PCs, mobile devices stand more chances of being broken, lost or stolen and this is why you must make sure your valuable data is always safely backed up.

Fortunately, Android developers have made quite a few efficient services to help you out with managing your backups. If you’re afraid of losing your favorite photos, messages or system settings, here are the best five online apps that you can use to prevent accidental data loss or erasure from your Android phone.

1.       G Cloud Backup


This is one of the favorite free cloud backup services among Android users that enables them to protect all types of data. With G Cloud Backup, you can back up the most important messages, contacts, calendar appointments, music or other data, and easily restore it to another device in case you lose your phone. The free account lets you secure 1GB of files and applications but you can expand this space through their referral program. You can schedule automatic backups and edit or delete files taken into backup, which is pretty much what every Android user wants.

2.       MyBackup Pro

mybackup pro

Another functional and easy-to-use online service that lets you set up automatic backups for anything on your Android phone. You can choose to backup your data on either their servers or another SD card to make sure your contacts, call logs, messages, attachments or system settings will be at your hands in case you decide to switch your phone. The app costs $3.99 and it works seamlessly on your phone. Probably the best thing about this app is that it’s very easy to install and set up, while the intuitive interface makes it a no-brainer to use.

3.       Titanium Backup


Titanium backup offers you an opportunity to backup your files to Dropbox, Google Drive or Box, and its basic version is free on Google Play. The pro version is $5.90 and comes with several advanced features that definitely make it worth buying. Pro version lets you encrypt your backup, convert user apps to system apps or create unlimited automatic real-time backups. One of its major perks is that it can restore the market links or even data about WiFi access points.

4.       Sprite Backup

Sprite Backup

This is practically a cheaper version of MyBackup Pro with some distinctive features. It lets you set up a Full Backup which includes almost any piece of data from your SD card – SMS, MMS, apps, alarms, system settings, contacts, music, photos, etc. You can choose to backup your data to cloud storage services Box and Dropbox or to an SD card for a local backup. If you think this would work for you, you can get the app from Google Play for $4.95 or first try it free for 10 days.

5.       App Backup and Restore

App Backup and Restore

App Backup and Restore is another free service that will give you full control over your Android data. It is a simple and not particularly feature-rich application but it does the job very well. It can backup or archive specific data from your phone or enable you to quickly uninstall or restore the data you (don’t) need. In addition, it allows you to send an APK file to yourself by email, so you can monitor your side-loaded applications. Free, simple and safe, App Backup and Restore is definitely one of the nice ways protect your Android data.


What You Need to Know About Windows Phone 8

The mobile world is so dynamic you may miss out on latest developments if you fails to catch up even for a span of two or three days. And it is this ever fast paced world that keeps the adrenaline rush going for the customers.

It is the Windows 8 phone that has been the talk of the town presently and I am sure you’re craving to know every bit of this new baby. Read on to know the things that you must know:




1. Tells you what’s playing

Windows 8 phone doesn’t need much external “help” as it is itself all set for various challenges. While Android  and IPHONE  will demand that you look up an application, choose and then download, Windows makes life easier by having it all, in its in built memory. So for instance to identify music playing around you is just a tap away, unlike on an iphone  where you will first download the app Shazam. So get smart, get fast.

2. Not only bigger but a better screen


Windows is ready for a bigger screen of upto 5 to 6 inches and that too of 1080p. This is not a senseless enlargement but a substantial one. The in built applications will adjust accordingly to make use of the increase in space. And you get to pin a whole extra column of tiles to the start screen.

3. Windows wants you safe

You will no longer be distracted by useless notifications. Nor will you miss important calls and alerts. This can happen as you can limit notifications and receive what you like. Moreover you can preset replies for missed calls and texts. And the best part of this application is that it can be activated through a voice command,so even if you forget to switch modes earlier, do so while driving.

4. Get the best out of your phone


This third update,GDR3, will make you utilise your phone up to its full capacity. This will happen because a new suite of applications has been added so that you view better and hear better. And your job gets easier as your phone is now sensitive and responds better to your touch. And an application definitely worthy of mention is the screen reader which is for the visually impaired. It is great conscious new inclusion.

5. Big brother willingly connects

Now your PC will comfortably pair with the phone. This results in you being free from all hassles and the devices tether on their own. No password or work from your end is now required. Iphones on the other hand demand at least a 5 step procedure before tether. Settings>General > Network>Personal Homecoming>On. In Windows you just tap once and simply pair and the devices will comfortably turn on and connect on their own.

So one of these days when you are sitting idle at starbucks and want to follow up on your tutorials about how to build a website on your laptop, you know you have internet access through your smartphone.

6. Get that edge with latest processor

Snapdragger 800 in action is the best mobile processor. Four core processor work together to give your phone extra battery life and good performance on all fronts,be it camera or gaming.

7. You know 40 languages!

Yes you do if you own this phone. Travelling will become easier as this phone will translate not only words but signs and symbols. You just click a picture and upload. There is a catch here. This feature to translate will require an application. But then again it is free and available from Microsoft.


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Wrick Brian makes interactive tutorials. His latest series on how to make a website using wordpress are available for download on his own website. He has a graduate degree in interactive design and understands what it takes to design interaction projects.