Cell Phone Etiquette

Cell phones come with instructions on how to use them. They don’t come with instructions on when to use them. It’s often suggested that common sense should prevail, but this clearly has not been the case. Cell phones have morphed into much more just a vehicle for conversation. From social media connections to masses of information at the swipe of a screen – cell phones have literally become a window to the world. They can be fun and interesting. They can be a great way to share stories and information with other. Take advantage of the terrific savings offered by Groupon coupons and select from the many options available at Vistaprint.com to download photos and create custom cell phone cases.  Take these suggestions from the etiquette professional for enjoying your cell phone while respecting those around you.

Cell Phone Etiquette

When in the presence of others in a social setting, silence your phone and stow it in your handbag or pocket. Using your cell phone in the presence of others sends a clear message that the information or person on the phone is more important that those standing or sitting in front of you. When alone in a crowd, surfing in silent mode is certainly acceptable, but don’t feel the need to share your phone conversation with others. This is rude and distracting to those around you. When in a retail store, do not touch your phone when checking out. Give the cashier, clerk or server the courtesy they deserve.

Many companies have developed cell phone policies. Not following these policies could be grounds for dismissal. For those working in companies without cell phone policies – common sense and courtesy should govern. When in a meeting, place your cell phone on silent. When conferring with others in an informal setting, cell phones should also be silenced. Lunch hour is the appropriate time to use cell phones. Follow these basic rules and those around you will appreciate your respect and courtesy.

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