The Right Way to Make SEO Work for Franchises

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is possibly the most important tool any entrepreneur need when they decide to bring their business online. If you want to gain interest from your target audience and keep that interest sustained, you will need SEO so that you’re on the first page of Google’s (or any search engine’s) listing.

According to SEO for Franchises by Tom Johnston, there are two basic aspects of Search Engine Optimization:


  • On-Page Optimization


Creating good page titles, meta descriptions and meta tags are just some of the techniques used here to ensure that your website’s rankings are doing well.


  • Link Building


Finding websites and pages which are relevant to your business and linking it to your website is another important strategy to increase the traffic to your site.

For newbies, that sounds hard enough. What’s even more difficult is when you have several franchises of the same business in different cities. But winning at this game is not impossible when you’ve got a good grasp of the basics:

  • Fresh Content is King

Don’t just make several versions of one website for different franchises, even if all fall under the same company. That’s not just lazy, that would be completely useless. Each franchise should have unique content.

  • Localize the Right Way

Although one domain is used, see to it that information about specific franchises is provided. Don’t just stop at giving geographical information like your address, zip code, and contact details. Make everything about the website of a particular franchise local as this becomes more ‘personal’ to your target audience in the area.

  • Take Advantage of Social Media

Making a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (just to name a few) page of your franchise’s website legitimizes you in the eyes of your target audience. But creating these page isn’t enough. Remember, you want to keep people interested. You want to sustain that interest. So engage them through these platforms.

  • Customer Reviews will Help

While Yelp and Foursquare are good sites to find legitimate reviews about businesses, customers also want to see reviews posted on your own website and even on your social media pages. While finding criticisms posted on your site is a scary thought, encourage them to voice out as this still means traffic to your site.

  • Mobile Responsiveness is Key

In SEO, your user is your priority. Now that everyone’s on their mobile phones, see to it that you have a mobile responsive website which will keep your target audience browsing without the seemingly minor hassle of zooming in or out and swiping in various directions.

For more specific advice and/or in-depth explanation about this particular topic, check out SEO for Franchises by Tom Johnston. Learn more about the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization and you will see what an immense help this will be for your business.

10 creative ways to build your Influencer Marketing Strategy

In the world full of competition, start-ups and well established businessmen usually looking for a strategy which will enhance their position to a next level. Influence marketing is the new trend which has taken the place of gossips all over. Some go for reputed Digital Marketing company to handle their SEO and Social Media presence. Since, Digital Marketing strategy is rising above traditional advertisements, it is eventually gaining more importance. First of all let’s see what influencer marketing strategy is all about.

Social influencer marketing is a practice which includes all the tactics to enhance the position of your business over the internet. Strategists are those people who are continuously into this practice. They basically practice to bring huge traffic onto your web page from the large market running on. They tend to opt for two types of method. One is – Content marketing and the other one is Social Media Marketing. Both should go hand in hand because the balance of both will lead to a good influencer engagement strategy. Some of the influencers are expected to spread about the firm via content while others simply work on enhancing as well as boosting the page and strictly promoting it on social media platform to gather lots of traffic. Influencer engagement strategy can help you gain the right traffic and build your business to a next level. Social Media Marketing tools can also play in favour to build strong presence.


Just like you don’t trust a stranger too easily but a mutual friend instead, same goes with your brand. Influencers are those mutual friends who are ready to connect your brand to the genuine customers. Since influencers not only bring the customers to your business but also become successful in carrying the whole network along with the great social media exposure, they are very important to your brand. They let your business grow by diverting the most loyal and royal customers across the globe onto your web page. Apart from all the information stated above, influencers are chosen because –

a. Promotion of the content.
b. Management of the events.
c. Search Engine Optimization.
d. Management of the business during crisis.
e. Aiding the company at Product launch.
f. Creation of captivating content.

Let us have a look on 10 creative ways to build your influencer marketing strategy


Before you go on setting a successful influencing campaign, set up your goals, budget, target audience and form a KPI (Key performance Indicator). The KPI would consist of – views, followers, click through rates, sales and overall engagement of the followers as well as non-followers. Do not make a mistake by reaching out to everybody. Instead be clever and work systematically. Identify your audience and try to focus on them accordingly. In simple words, play smart.



Not every channel has to take with your subject. You have to be very selective in the grounds of channel. In order to obtain the genuine and correct traffic which would uplift your business, channel should be taken care of. You can also define the type of engagement people should do to get maximum stay on your page. Social media is really helpful and what really matters is the grounds on which you are promoting your business.

Social media


If you are in search of a loud influencer, then go for brand advocates. Not only the audience trusts them but also aligns to whatever they write. Since, most of the audience follows them, their active speech and debates would assure the engagement of the audience to your web page. Also you can add hash tags to your post. Hashtags would define the purpose and the requirement in brief. People will no longer have to read the long posts and leave in between. Let people know about your business in a line or two with the help of hashtags. It can be one of the most effective Social Media Influencer strategies. Social mentions will help you to explore some mentions on the outlets such as – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. Apart from these influencers, Bloggers are the strongest influencers. Since, the bloggers may post about different content, it would manually become very difficult to manage and filter the important ones. But all thanks goes to the tools which are helping to filter the required blogs.




Yes you read it right. Before approaching those influencers, build a good relationship with them. Once you have identified the type of influencers you need for your brand, start building a level of trust with them. A relationship which is mutually beneficial. To gain an influencer, get to know everything about them and approach them by playing with their minds. Never rely on the third party or any agency. Better approach the influencers directly. Also, once you get an influencer, try maintaining a spread sheet to keep a record on their activities. This way you can track your success by their moves. This influencer strategy will help you out in long run.



The rewards are always mistaken with money. Not every influencer wants to be appreciated by money. There are many rewards which absolutely over weigh the cash rewards. In a study, it has been cited that most of the motivations included –
a. 55% rise in their reach to the audience.
b. More than 45% of quality content creation for the promotion of the brands.
c. 29% of improvising their personality or you can say image.
d. 24% are still there who still give preferences to money.
e. Rest 22% consist of the people who prefer their motivation as to living the new experiences.
In traditional marketing, money prizes are still considered as motivation but internet marketing has a drastic change in terms of motivation and marketing techniques.



Synchronization needs to be maintained while handling the promotions over the internet. This includes alignment of events. Publish your website content and material slowly and steadily. The way everybody excitedly awaits for your brand to publish something new. Endeavours such as content promotions, product release etc. needs a proper alignment with good amount of talks before and after the release. Firstly let people know that something exciting is coming their way. This is one of the trickiest yet the most effective influencer strategy. Create hype which would push the audience to want it more. Give the information about the events and press releases but not the entire information. This way it would become the most awaited event for them. Just make sure its worth the wait because naturally the people would be expecting a little higher from you.


If you want your influencers to continuously talk about your brand, tell them every possible thing about your brand. From the introduction till its nth aspect you have worked upon. Let them make noise about your brand. Give them access to conduct press releases, write articles, work on e-books etc. Its not necessary that they would use all the freedom you have provided but they will make sure that they will use the best one to promote your brand. Always do not expect them to view your brand as you do. Sometimes there might be chances your influencers might not up to the mark but yes it totally depends on your selection of influencers. This social media influencer strategy can affect your brand a lot. So be wise enough to take it in a positive direction.




Words hold the power which is far away from your imagination. A key to successful influencer marketing strategy is content. Your influencers might help you out to create some fantastic content. Just give them something to talk about. This strategy holds the power to attract people with same interests. Even experiences would count as an inspiration to your brand. Not only it attracts the people but also holds on to the people for longer time. This engagement is a positive sign for a brand to prosper and grow fast.



Influencers are known for promotions. Type of promotion matter. Expand your network, collect the databases, prepare a budget and attack all over. Before everything plan your move. Be ready for consequences, be it a success or downfall. Business never makes a huge success in its first move. Reach advocates and employees, they love to connect with people. Pay attention to the channels and let them talk about you. Let your brand make noise and gain the right traffic on to your site.


Since you have been putting lots of efforts, you should measure your results. You make multiple moves to promote your brand irrespective of which one suits your brand. Try capturing the results. Put all your strong moves together to prepare a good strategy.

Now that you know everything about influencer marketing strategy, you can plan your brand marketing accordingly. A brand has many aspects connected to it and influencer is such aspect which can change the game within no time.

Why You Should Think More About Online Marketing

The World Economy Has Changed

Where have you been looking for leads and prospects lately? When you’re dreaming about great success with the modern day consumer, how do you envision it all coming together? Your answer for some of these questions is obviously involved with the Internet. If you haven’t been thinking about online marketing, then half of your business isn’t even in the game.


Some of the businesses reading this can only find their target audience online. The world of marketing and advertisement looks and acts different then it did just 10 years ago. There’s a lot to catch up on if you haven’t learned the tools of online marketing yet. If you don’t get involved this way now, you could be too far removed from learning enough to be effective.

It’s Already Used More Than You Know

Automation works behind the door from the consumer’s perspective. The typical user doesn’t know that a system is set up to send them emails and trigger more actions based on their responses. Because of this, marketers from every type of industry have confirmed the effectiveness of online marketing. This outlet is also enabling new types of services to sell.

The fact is, digital tools for marketing online have proven themselves effective. They work and accommodate just about every environment there is. You’ve got to get involved with online marketing because it’s one of the real, legitimate options you have to making sales or building a list of leads. Even if you only take half of your branding onto the net, this sector works.

Going Digital Can Make Marketing Simple

There’s a lot of pieces to successful marketing. Doing it with a team or by yourself will always be an intricate task. But organizing those parts is now easy with today’s technology. You don’t have to turn your brain into mush trying to figure your sales funnel out. You don’t have to write intricate graphs on your own with post-it notes stuck all over the place.

Simplify your sales process by considering the digital approach to marketing. This option lets you visualize better and organize each task in a marketing funnel but without confusion. The less you have to organize and structure yourself, the more you can get done, and the least amount of time it takes to do that. There’s a way to position any product or service online.

You Have To At Least Be On The Playing Field

Technology gives business and entrepreneurship a few challenges to succeeding with the modern consumer. The competitive market means that consumers identify modern online practices even if they’re not forwardly aware of it. The experience consumers are having requires businesses to at least get on the playing field to be noticed.

The methods these successful businesses use are not superficial by any means. This is why entering the online arena with products or services is a competitive feat. Luckily for you, prepackaged deals and automated software makes online marketing a sensible craft. To stay abreast, you have to at least be in this game to gain traction and an effective branding online.

These Are Campaigns You Can Set And Then Forget

If you’re in a business with many responsibilities, then this is the era for business owners like you. You can continue to discover new areas of your business without being distracted by your marketing needs. Modern technology lets you be a person of many hats without skipping one beat as your public offering sells. This is possible because of what’s called automation.

Pressing Online Marketing Icon

Automation allows the marketer to sit back, watch their progress and then make adjustments as needed now and again. You can call this feature of online marketing the ability to set and forget your sales funnel. These funnels go live with a set it and forget it mentality. There’s never been an easier way of doing this.

You need to get into online marketing because it easier to sell that way, find your target audience or nurture them within a “soon to buy” process.

The Gimmicks Of Online Marketing Has All Disappeared

The birth of public access through the Internet gave people an immediate connection to each other. But it also did more harm than good for the marketer. Everyone using the Internet then had to deal with sketchy practices that unprofessional marketers used to trap and redirect Web surfers. This made any prospect of marketing online an immediate branding as a scammer.

People are seeing things much different now. They surf the Web and have a lot of trust with what they find and discover. At this point, you should be asking yourself, “Why not start marketing online?” There are consumers online who’re already in your niche and are open to your sales efforts online.

This is a window open for your business and converting to the Web is not as complicated as you may think. Begin with little steps until you’re fully integrated with high conversions and constant sells.

This Could Be The One Skill Set That Gets You a Job

In the end, maybe you’re not running a business but are instead looking to acquire a steady gig in this different world. There’s a huge industry within the online structure where the basic skills to market online could land you a very good job with a very good company. Not many are looking at the market this way, but it doesn’t require rocket science to see the advantages of knowledge.

Taking the same steps to run your own online sales funnel is the same skills you can turn around to put on a resume. Numerous companies are looking for full-time people with these skills. So even if you start marketing online and don’t succeed for a product and service you have, the skills you learned along the way can be converted or used for another business.

Be open minded about what you can learn. The possibility is endless and the industry knowledge is vast. Stay humble, read often and never stop improving your skill set.

Keyword research for mobile traffic

Today, mobile based searching has become a trend. People use their smartphones to search almost anything. With the foresight that mobile would eventually change the look of search engine optimization, Google introduced mobile analytics. This is a tool that helps to achieve the customers by providing relevant insights. Following are the steps to conduct a robust mobile keyword research in order to boost up the mobile traffic.

Find Keywords

  • Launch business metrics and objectives

Before getting into research you have to know two things- what you have to achieve with mobile SEO and for which sites you are going to use this mobile keyword research. First, you can consider about the sites. You can do mobile SEO on responsive sites and on mobile dedicated sites. For using mobile keyword research on responsive sites, you have to consider “regular searchers” as well as “mobile searchers”. And also your content should be reusable and device-friendly, rather than adaptable one. On the other hand, you have many opportunities for the usage of mobile keywords and contents while doing SEO for mobile dedicated pages. While setting the goals that are to be accomplished with mobile SEO, keep your keyword scheme aligned with business goals.

  • Exploring keywords

This is the segment where research process takes place, where it answers on what search terms the customers and potential customers use while browsing on their mobile devices that led them to the particular site/competitor’s site and other related pages. The tools that can be used to explore keywords are Google keywords tool, Google analytics, Google webmaster tool and bing ads intelligence.

If your website is not optimized for top keywords, information would not help you to discover it but could see your ranking position for search terms. Mobile analytics give you the keywords that are used by mobile and tablet users. Google keyword tool is mobile-only keyword tool that gives you mobile-centric keywords that  are not already optimized for when you enter a URL, category or keyword.

Bing ad intelligence cannot provide keywords, but can calculate tablet search volume and allows you to get demographic info on mobile users. While doing research, keep in mind about the business goals. And you have to consider two divisions of keywords- those terms that are needed for  mobile but not in a mobile perspective and the second is those who are used on the mobile and the client is literally moving.

  • Selecting your keywords

Pointless to say, not all keywords will provide you the expected results and it is not practical to target all keywords under the sun. It basically tapers the keywords to those that will meet the business goals. You have to check into mobile and non-mobile tag cloud to get a suggestion on how different desktop users are from mobile device users in terms of keywords. Then rank the keywords in accordance with the mobile traffic volume they bring to your site.

Mobile search optimization continues to grow as more people get captivated to smart phones, tablets and other devices. With the help of the above mentioned tips, you could definitely get best mobile search results.

Top 10 WordPress Themes For Small Business

ving an elite and professional look to the web page is always better for small and big corporates. What the company is into selling for, but the website should always have an eye –catching theme for the customers and eventually attract to buy their products.

Selecting the best wordpress theme for your entrepreneurship can be done by reviewing the top 10 themes discussed below.

U- design

U- design

 Demo | Download

This theme can be easily customized as per the user’s need and allows adding of personal effects. The theme has a number of features which it offers, plus some add-ons that can be purchased with some extra bucks. The theme is easily search engine optimized.



 Demo Download

This theme is a wise choice for corporates and businesses as it offers a professional touch to the theme. It works perfectly on smart phones, PC, laptops and tablets. It also has a slider manager and provides various other theme options.



 Demo Download

Fit for the high class professionalism; this theme has a state of the art frame work. Its working is user friendly. It offers plenty features to the users. It is SEO optimized and can be customized as per the requirement. The theme also offers 20 colour variations and more than 70 short codes.



 Demo Download

This theme is loaded with a number of features for the use of customers. It has more than 100 short codes. There are almost unlimited colour options which can be set on this theme. There are about 13 custom widgets present in it. It is a simple, yet a powerful theme.



 Demo | Download

This theme is a better option for studios as well as for creative businesses. It provides the client with unlimited colour options. It also offers a variety of background styles and patterns and gallery templates etc.

RT theme

RT theme

 Demo | Download

This theme comes packed with uncountable number of features in it, namely some of them are the sidebar creator, different short codes. It also offers two sliders and templates and various other features.



 Demo Download

This offers a sporting design to the theme and is designed by Orman Clark. Some of the common features it has are unlimited colours, wordpress formats and also a short code generator.



 Demo Download

You can definitely go for this one as it has become quite popular in a short time with more than 9000 copies sold of this theme. It has 30 colour schemes, it boasts 7 portfolio layouts. There are about 100 short codes.



 Demo Download

This offers a variety of colour and texture combinations to the users. It has a number of features and is a vibrant theme; best suited for creative blogging sites.



 Demo | Download

The best feature of this theme is that its homepage is customized and plenty of features that can help you get out the best on your homepage. It also has varied forms of templates.

Getting the correct type of theme for your profession will help you get the maximum reach to your customers.

Point-of-sale software’s: Unplugged!!!

If you are reading this, chances are you are taking the next big leap from being an old-economy set up with book-keeping to a new economy operation that relies on good software to service customers better. Great stories always precede great software and every business has a story to tell of how it was struggling to stop leakages before a new software saved them. Put yourself in the shoes of a small business owner and think what he or she expects a good-point of sale software to do.


  • First of all, it wants superior barcode scanning and reading capabilities so that the business can complete the sales and billing aspects at an equal or even faster rate than before. Else the net result will be high footfalls and long queues at the payment counter leading to frustration being expressed on social media.
  • Time and customers wait for no one and therefore the code that powers the software should be fast, optimized and flawless. Bugs, if any, should be removed at the testing stage itself before the product is released in the market.
  • The next most important thing that users desire is near ERP Level functionalities and the ability to customize the software as per their unique business requirements. By releasing the developer API to end users, software companies can delight their users. Application protocol interfaces help two applications talk to each other seamlessly and fetch data as desired by the query typed by the customer.
Turn a leaf out of history…see how the first movers rose up to the challenge

Almost everyone in the technology industry would recollect a software named FIDELIO that captivated the imagination of hotel owners and operators across the globe. It had near 100% marketshare and enjoyed monopoly for close to two decades before internet and mobile apps took over with instant credit card bookings. It worked on the DOS platform with DOS commands to make bookings and worked over local area networks. All the transactions being made by a guest were billed to the name and room number and the receipts were sent to accounts that worked in conjunction with front desk to aid in faster checkouts. Even the stewards got trained in using this software and this proved to be a major hindrance for new players as hotels were reluctant to adopt any new software given the enormous training costs as almost every big hotel employed staff in four figures that worked in all three shifts. Things changed a bit with windows and internet coming on the scene but even ten years after windows was released, hotels kept the point and click software’s for backend and Fidelio for the front end.

Witness the spiralling success of travel industry with business software

Global distribution systems like Amadeus, Galileo, help travel agents take instant bookings for direct/connecting flights, holiday packages  on the phone and even accept credit card payments telephonically. Fares can be locked-in by customers by paying half price and the rest ten days before departure. Every booking made through these software is a revenue source for these GDS companies that strive harder to improve their technology with each passing day.

Keep your nose on the ground…experiment with unique business models

Rent free retail through POS is being experimented in food courts across the world. Users are asked to buy pre-paid cash cards in various denominations and pre-load them based on their estimated expenses on food and beverage in the food court.  Instant top-ups and refunds are offered to delight customers. Both the real-estate developer, franchisor get SMS thrice a day about the sales generated. Another popular way used by giants like McDonald’s is to use POS software to calculate rent at 10.2% of the balance sheet generated by the software and duly audited by chartered accountants to ensure transparency, compliance in regulatory reporting and build trust in the system.

Manage duty free shops and their enormous footfall better with POS

Duty free shops at airports see enormous footfalls as they offer an insight into the culture of the country. And any point of sale software that is being deployed here must offer support for English and the local language, multiple currency support, payments made via credit cards in US dollars and in local currency.


Working as Digital Marketing Manager at HDPOS, Mehul Shah loves to share his knowledge about Point of Sale Software. Mehul has reviewed software in categories including Small business, Startups and Enterprises. Connect with HDPOS on: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.