The Latest News of Samsung GALAXY S4 and S4 mini

It started out as a rumor then turned out to be everything the rumor described. Samsung galaxy S4 mini was released on 20th June this year, and it has been a perfect match for its older brother, Samsung S4. The phone’s specs, however, happened to have been released earlier on, but the phone itself could not be released until it was launched on the same date.


Samsung S4 mini is a powerful devise that aims at the people who don’t need to be at the edge of a tool’s blade, but would still want a devise that bests suits the function. Consequently, the phone bears a close resemblance to all the striking features of a Samsung S4; but devoid of the LED notification at the sides of the ear-piece. It even goes a step higher by sharing all the top notch specifications of the Samsung S4. It weighs 107g, has a 4.3in AMOLED display; and can be compared to its counterpart, Samsung S4, that weighs 130g and has a 5in super AMOLED display. The device runs on a 1.7 GHZ processor and a 4.2.2 version of android operating system. The special features includes the built-in internal memory of 8 GB, and a supported external memory of 64 GB via a micro SD slot.

The phone did not leave out all the features that favor photography. It has an 8 mega-pixel of rear camera and a 1.9 mega-pixel of front camera. Likewise, it has the entire suite of Samsung photography applications, together with other Samsung’s applications such as the travel, translation and the television remote tool. The phone appears in either black or white color and supports 3G, 4G and a dual Sim, just like the Samsung S4. This comes pertinent with the dual band wi-fi and blue-tooth 4.0 connections. On the contrary, its resolution might not be as vibrant as that of Samsung S4, but the quality of the image produced is still incredible.

The model has attracted vast array of accessories with the Bluetooth headphones being more profound. These blue-tooth headphones are versed in styles and designs, and a proponent of the gadget is far-fetched to have an arrayed range of headphone options to choose from. These includes the wireless stereo headphones, the universal blue-tooth headphones adapter and the HI-FI blue-tooth headphones with FM radio. The latest news is about the water resistant blue-tooth head phones, that are trending in different styles and designs. The wire headphones work well with the Samsung’s self-sealing handset jack, which remains open all the time while deterring dirt particles from getting into the interior of the handset. The technology behind the handsets ensures that, when the headphones gets jacked off, the port gets sealed from the inside.


One can also protect the Samsung S4 mini, or the Samsung S4 using the different cellphone covers that are availed in the market. These covers are availed in different styles, colors and shapes that can suit anyone’s predilection. The differential ranges of Samsung S4 cases includes the silicon cases, holsters, leather sleeves, hard shells, as well as the leather pouches and the belt clips. These cases protect the handsets from scratches, and the latest vogue in Samsung S4 cases allows the handsets to stand out among the rest. The colors too are varied, and the latest trends allows you to only cover their screens using the cell phone covers; if you prefer to have them in their original cases.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S3 vs. Apple’s iPhone5: Who deserves the Crown?

In the planet of high end smart phones, Apple and Samsung acquire a prestigious niche and have already earned consumers’ faith. Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy- both are now the hottest smart phone series in the world. As both of their series have come up with their latest models, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 in that order, consequently the high end users are already in great confusion. These handsets are giving each other head to head challenge. The aesthetic charm of these handsets is meant to lock every fleeting stare on them. And when it’s about the capabilities, they are the stunners. Samsung galaxy S III price in India is now stabled in a reasonable bracket whereas iPhone 5 needs you to shell out a few more quid. Well, presently both of them have their own successors, iPhone 5S and S4 respectively. But before discussing about their advanced heirs, let’s explore iPhone 5 and S3!samsung-galaxy-s3

Gasp in Wonder!

If your eyes are craving to watch crisp and clear pictures, then iPhone will never disappoint you. The 4-inches retina display screen of iPhone 5 houses screen resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels and supports 16 million colors. Well, S III does a great job as compared to iPhone 5. It comes out of the box with 4.8 inches screen and delivers pictures with screen resolution of 1280 x 720. Absolutely, eye-popping characteristics! But still the big screen amaze fails to make the S3 a winner in the display section. iPhone renders more brightness and sharpness as compared to S 3.

What’s ‘in’?

Buttery-Smooth Podium: S III comes skinned with Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) which effortlessly tackles many tasks simultaneously. On the other hand, you cannot say that it is pretty equivalent to Jelly Bean, which is latest in the broods of Android. Apple iPhone 5 works smoothly on iOS6, the most superior operating platform of the world till date. Now, explore more with iOS6 operating system in your exclusive iPhone 5. Icing on the cake, with the boons of iOS6, the Siri option of iPhone 5 becomes far capable to grasp more languages and works accordingly in more countries than it did before.

Samsung galaxy S III


Power Processor: On the performance front, iPhone 5 comes stuffed with dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU and PowerVR SGX 543MP3 (triple-core graphics) GPU. This Smartphone also blends a few prominent sensors like accelerometer, gyro, proximity and compass whereas S3 houses 1.4 GHz Exynos 4212 Quad Core Processor. Naturally, the Apple quintessential has much more to show you and can do a hell lot of things for you.

Life of Battery: Unfortunately, Apple iPhone 5 struggles with its energy efficiency level. Accommodating a non-removable Li-Po 1440 mAh battery, the handset can remain active up to 8 hours while talking and up to 225 hours while not in use. This time, S3 promises much better performance throughout housing 2100 mAh Li-Ion battery. It never drains out easily while talking and supports talk time up to 21 hrs. and standby mode up to 900 hrs. Disheartening factor for an Apple quintessential!


Snapping Delight!

Apple iPhone5 (64 GB) sports a brilliant 8 MP digital snapper along with autofocus and LED flash delights. Pictures look so real and stunning with a camera resolution of 3264 x 2448. In fact, it also includes HD video and image recording facility. Enjoy its touch screen geo-tagging, face detection, panorama and HDR functions with a broad smile on your face. Its video stabilization process will again mesmerize you for sure. Even its 1.2 MP secondary camera has many things to make your self-portraits and video chatting memorable with face detection and face-time facility. Phew!

Now, here comes the S3 outfitted with an almost same 8 MP on the rear side and 1.9 MP on the front. Then what differentiates them the most? Well, it’s their individual capacity of capturing image detailing. Yes, Apple keeps Samsung aside when it comes to focus upon the nitty-gritty of the snap shots taken. Shutterbugs now know what to choose!

Memory Rooms

When it comes to the big storing rooms inside the devices, iPhone 5 beats S3. iPhone is available in the market in three versions depending upon the stockpiling capacity and they are of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. With such grand stomach, iPhone can eat anything that you feed. S3 doesn’t reach that much far as compared to iPhone 5 as it only available in two versions to render the glee of storing data either up to 16 GB or up to 32 GB. But the most enticing fact of S3 is that it can effortlessly give an expandable external storage capacity whereas iPhone has no such facility. So if you tickle your math solving talent, you will find S3 much adorable device for accumulating 16 GB internally plus 64 GB externally. Yeah, simply wow!


There are so many things that we have missed in this discussion. Well, after a hands-on experience it is really tough to write about the differences in some words. You can count this article as a mere idea regarding how both of them are creating much buzz in the market. Sometimes it’s Apple who draws the attention and sometimes it is Samsung who beats the world’s best brand with the same unfathomed winning attitude. iPhone 5 has a few downsides but still it is the best structured and feature packed handset present in the market. The best thing about the iPhone is that it is quire attentive to proffer good details which is missing if you tally S3 beside it. Although Apple iPhone 5 price in India is considered a bit expensive especially for a layman but still it deserves the splurge. Despite of lacking big screen and no external storing facility, iPhone compensates everything with all it has. No need of having bells and whistles, whatever it offers is enough for one and all.

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5 Best Android Apps for Business People

Most of us use our smartphones and tablets for games, texting, and calling. They are fun devices, and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the silly side of our technology, but many people don’t realise how useful they can be for business use. Whether you’re on the go, working from home, or just want an easy way to manage your workload, there are many Android apps to make your life easier, and here are just a few of the best:

1. Splashtop

If you’re guilty of trying to juggle work on a laptop, tablet, and smartphone, then Splashtop is essential for accessing those important files. The app allows you to access your files from anywhere, and on any device, ideal if you have an Android device, but then also have an Apple or similar other device. This means you can get work done on the train, and once you arrive at your office you can seamlessly switch to working on the same document on your laptop.

2. PrinterShare Mobile Print

Although we all try to keep our office paperless, sometimes we can’t avoid having to print something out. Some of the reasons for this include:

• Needing to send a letter
• Wanting something physical to give to a client at a meeting
• Printing information that you need close at hand
• Giving to someone for notes and annotations

Rather than going through the hassle of e-mailing yourself a document and then printing it from your computer, PrinterShare Mobile Print allows you to print straight from your tablet or smartphone wherever you are. You can either print remotely from a printer you’ve already set up, or easily find the nearest printer using Wi-Fi, great for those who frequently visit different offices.

3. ServerUp

Having your company’s server running to full capacity is essential for productivity, as well as ensuring that you aren’t losing money in lost sales or downtime. That’s why ServerUp is essential for those techie types who want to keep an eye on your server. You can check the status from anywhere in the world using your business broadband or mobile internet connection and quickly identify any issues. This is ideal for IT staff who need to work between locations, or for checking servers that are based abroad.

office tablet

4. Documents To Go

If you need to create a spreadsheet, word document, or PDF when you’re out and about, then Documents To Go means you can easily work on your Android mobile or tablet wherever you are. With a similar layout to the programs used in Microsoft Office, it’s easy even for those with a limited grasp of technology to use this app, and it’s much easier than trying to use the pre-installed software that often comes with a new device. It’s also great for those who see clients out in the field, as the Slideshow feature can create impressive presentations.

5. Skype

If you run up big phone bills speaking to clients and staff abroad, Skype can really help your business save money. You can make calls for free over the internet; just remember that using the app on your smartphone may cost you money if you go over your data allowance. It’s designed to be an easy to use app, with many features to help keep you organised. There are also some additional paid for features such as call forwarding and voicemail which can be useful for busy days.

There are many ways that you can use your Android device to help run your business, so make sure you’re using your smartphone to its full potential. Android is a great choice for business people, as it means you can work from anywhere in the world, great for those who are looking to expand globally.

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4 Essential Android Apps for your Tablet

When it comes to looking at the best apps on the market, specifically for tablets, then it is reasonable to assume that you are keen to get apps which will show off the best features of your tablet. The main difference then, between smartphone and tablet is the screen size so for your tablet you are going to want apps that you get the full benefit of due to your increased screen size.

1.  Video Calling

One of the best ways to take advantage of the size of the screen is to fill it with picture. You can get much better resolution and just simply see a lot more of your caller if the screen is larger. Skype has somewhat dominated the android market in the realm of video calls but other apps like Viber are also available and can offer a lot of the same features. Video calling is a fantastic way to connect to family or business partners – in fact a lot of overseas companies are now recruiting their ex-pats via Skype interviews. Be sure to connect to WiFi or have a large data allowance if you use your tablet to video call though because it uses a lot more memory than you might expect.

2  Travel

Using your tablet to plan your journeys is a no brainer. You can store all the information you will need for the journey through the itinerary functions which many travel apps offer and you can also use them to make all of your bookings. Travelocity offers flight, hotel and car bookings as well as loads more exciting features including exclusive deals and city guides for the destination you have booked a journey to. It’s a really exciting app, which, as apps often do, offers you a number of functions all from one place which you would have to go on a range of websites to get otherwise.

tablet apps

3  Finances

Managing your finances yourself, without the help of an accountant, is gradually being seen as more and more of a brave move. As inflation continues to rise, thresholds alter and more rules and regulations are brought in you need to be absolutely on the ball so that you don’t end up accidentally breaking a law. BNA Quick Tax Reference is an app which means that you don’t actually have to be completely on the ball. It is a virtual cheat sheet of information which is at your fingertips at the touch of a screen. With all the other banking apps also on the market you can keep all your information near you and consolidate it quickly and painlessly as the occasion demands.

4  Android Health

Once you have filled your android with the perfect apps then you are not going to want to lose them. Advanced Mobile Care is an android app specifically designed to optimise android health and maximise security. With apps for every private matter, including online banking apps, it is even more important that your device is completely secure. Advanced Mobile Care can offer this security. It also has a whole range of other helpful features including a battery life saver and an anti-theft function. Once you have all the apps you need, you have not just invested in a worthwhile tablet but all its contents as well. You want to feel that they are protected.

These categories of apps will hopefully advise you on how apps can help you get the best out of your tablet.

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