Top 5 Tools For HTML5 Web Developers


Mobile optimization is a buzzword in development circles and HTML5 is the tool developers use to create apps that a lot of developers swear by.
If you are an HTML5 developer, here are some tools that can help you improve your skills –

1 – Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver

Developers often have to optimize HTML5 content to make desktop and mobile platforms more diverse. Therefore, when it comes to the best HTML5 tools for the web, Adobe Dreamweaver tops the list. Built for the desktop and mobile, this tool doubles as a code editor and visual design surface. Plus it has an extension pack that allows developers to be more creative in creating HTML5 content.

2 – HTML5 Outliner

HTML5 Outliner

Sometimes, you need to know what your HTML5 document will look like once it is complete. Just like the name implies, this is an online tool that “outlines” or displays how your web pages will look like once they go live.
The tool also makes it easy for you to do so. Just link your URL, upload your HTML5 document or enter your code in the fields and you are good to go. No bells and whistles. Just upload and click “Outline this!”

3 –Maqetta


Originally an open source project, Maqetta is a HTML5 editor that is a must have for developers looking for free editing tools for user interfaces. Any HTML5 pages created by the tool are capable of working on all popular browsers. If you prefer the app version, the browsers that support it (such as Chrome and Firefox) must be updated. Just download the source code and install the code on your own server. Maqetta also lets you customize the code to fit your own requirements.

4 – FontDragr


The best HTML5 tools are those that don’t require you to do too much. With this tool, you can test customized fonts right on your browser with no coding required. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a whiz at CSS to do it. All you do is drag and drop a font file from your system into a supported browser and it’s done.
While font dragr does make it easy for you to test fonts, it won’t let you see what these fonts will look like on your website in all their glory. But fear not, this is where the font dragrbookmarklet can help.

5 – Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Sublime Text makes editing code and markup look easy. The freemium model will let you evaluate the tool for free but if you want to keep using it, you must purchase the license first.
It features handy auto completion tricks, built in plugins and other perks that can help you get error free code quicker. For example, one functionality allows you to make several lines at once, manipulate files faster and rename variables easily.

HTML5 implementation is hardly easy, a fact that both professional and inexperienced developers know. Without the right tools, it is nearly impossible to get your code to work like you want. The tools in this list can help you create responsive websites without much hassle.
Author Bio: Mark Sanchez is a professional web app developer in a private software development agency. He is fully capable to design and develop web app through several tools. He likes to join different forums where he connects with html5 game makers. He wrote many articles in which he shares our knowledge and expertise.

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