Why it is important to select the right web developer for your website

A website is a valuable asset for every modern business, since the businesses today have to depend on World Wide Web for recognition, advertisement and trading of their products and services. The website developed for a particular organisation should reflect its policy and philosophy. Depending on the type of the business, websites should be designed neatly to make it attractive with rich and meaningful content along with easy navigation system. A good website has the ability to entice a number of visitors, who are stuck to different pages for longer time. In order to develop effective websites, the primary requisite is to select skilled and experienced web developers, who will create the websites according to customers’ need.


Websites developed can be broadly classified into many categories, like business, institutional, news, products, celebrity, media or social websites. Depending on the nature of business, it is important to develop websites that can address all the questions and serves the requirements for the particular niche of customers. How the website designing and development requirement varies from one type of business to another, is described below:

Brick and mortar business:

This has the requirement to bring the customers directly to the physical stores. Websites developed for this kind of business should provide the images of the products along with other relevant information and price tags, which are sold in the stores. It is recommended to organise the products in different categories to help the customers in easy finding of what they were looking for. It is also a good practice to provide the address and contact information of the store along with store hours. Adding a Google map with the store address will immensely help the customer to.

Online business:

Examples of purely click business websites are the sites which sell software, games or eBooks etc. These do not require any physical contact between the seller and the buyer. Developers should develop such websites in a clear and conclusive way. Security should be the primary objective for safe online transaction to achieve customers’ reliability. There should also be proper after-sales service and real-time customer interaction to address their issues.

Institutional websites:

These sites can be for academic institutions, social organisations or any Government or non-Government agencies. The website developer should remember the authority, staffs, distributors, clients and should not forget to convey the missions and visions of the institution. The website should provide vital information about the organisation with photo-slide show or video. Google maps can be provided along with for the ease of finding location.

Social website:

Quality should be most important thing to consider while developing these types of websites. Since, billions of viewers follow the social media sites, and post videos and other contents, it is important to properly maintain these sites. Nobody cares who developed these data centric sites and how they work. So a social media website should not talk much about its owners and staffs. These websites are database driven and nobody can predict how large they can be. Ease of navigation should be prioritised along with the maintenance of privacy of every single user. Hacking is a big problem for this type of websites, so the developers have to be much cautious about the security. Generally social media sites involve a huge team of developers and other professional to be designed, developed, tested and maintained for longer time. Finally it is important to develop the social media sites in a way, so that they can be accessed from any browser or any operating system from PCs or mobile devices.

It is quite clear that different types of websites have different requirements to serve wide range of target audience. It is important to select right web developers for serving the purpose of the website with error-free functionality and aesthetically pleasing quality.

Author Bio: As an experienced web developer, Terrence Porter is currently enjoying his role as the part of the development team for a famous social media website. He is a regular writer in web development related blogs.

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